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  1. Thanks very much for your very prompt reply and suggestion. Those video files are quite big and they are downloaded from some of the bt web sites on Chinese movies with both Mandarin and Cantonese sound tracks, e.g., http://bbs.btwuji.com/read.php?tid-306260-fpage-5.html Since it is not feasible for me to provide the video, I having provided the URL above. As I said before, I merely chose 4.8 as I was not sure if 4.9 might have the same problem of not being able to switch from Audio 1 to Audio 2. Thanks again for your help.
  2. One major strength of MPCStar is the flexibility to switch between audio 1 and audio 2 tracks. However, the recent releases of 5.1 and 5.2 seem to have "diaallow" the switch. I am no longer able to switch from audio 1 to audio 2. When I reverted back to 4.8 (kind of randomly choosing 4.8), the flexibility returned. Could anyone please advise? Thanks very much in anticipation.
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