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  1. Can someone please tell me if there is some kind of reader for .lit files besides the Microsoft Reader. I know .lit is proprietary to Microsoft but I was hoping to find a reader capable of opening them that has a more attractive interface. I tried using ABC Amber LIT converter for Gon Visor, but unfortunately it can't convert the files into any format that Gon Visor recognizes, and that particular reader is capable of opening a wide variety of files. If someone knows anyway I can get these .lit books open another way, I would love to hear about it. Thanks in advance rpwicked
  2. I have another quick question for someone. I am using version 1.27. Now, where it shows you what tasks you have active, there are different sections - Name of the task, comments, snapshots, download and upload rate, and so on. Between the name of task and comment sections there is a little spot called vip. Can someone tell me if this has anything to do with the VIP service that BitComet offers or is this something else. I have noticed that some of my tasks say VIP there and some do not, I was just curious to know what this means and I can't seem to find it mentioned anywhere. Oh, btw I only see this with bit torrent tasks. Thankx in advance p.s. I'm sorry this was posted by me a few times in a row. My connection messed up, it said error 502 or 504 - bad gateway. So I made another one, then all of a sudden, poof, there was three posts by me about the same thing. Sorry about that. rpwicked
  3. I just try to give credit to where or whom it is due. The whole staff here is excellent, everyone on it deserves a thanks. But I'm glad I made your day, Cassie. And to everyone who posts complaints, all I have to say to them is they should get another client and experience it's forum. Then they would come to appreciate this forum and all who keep it going. To the whole BC team, keep up the good work, it surely is appreciated.
  4. I have been thinking that it's about time for a new router, as mine is pretty old. I'll probably just go ahead and get a new one. Thanks again for all your help, this time and in the past, and your super fast response. I'm not used to fast answers. Before I started using Bit Comet, I had a different client, I won't mention names- but it does rhyme with poo current- sort of.lol, anyways, their forum was horrible. It would normally take weeks to answer a post. Your fast and always helpful answers are appreciated. Thanks rpwicked
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I was hoping I was right. Good to know. I scan my system regularly, and thankfully I don't get this with every torrent. I was just a little overwhelmed when I clicked the log tab and the whole section down there was yellow. I also noticed that a few of the logs were the same number piece, then it went back to telling me about the tracker. I'm assuming that it found a good version of those certain pieces when I stopped seeing the warning. I'm glad to hear what you told me. I would've been upset if this download was messed up in some way. Thanks again, very informative. I love learning stuff
  6. Hello everyone once again. I checked through the forum and couldn't find anything regarding my question. I am using version 1.27 on an XP pc. I followed your set-up guide to the tee, I know it's set up right. I get good speeds with just about everything I dl. This particular torrent is taking a while, it's large at 6.43 gig, so I expect it to, and I am getting decent speeds, that's not my problem. My question is, when I check under the logs tab, I see allot of, downloaded piece #**** failed in hash check, 2048 kb dropped. I've seen this in other torrents just not this many. Mostly I see how many peers the tracker brought back with this occasional warning. But this torrent the log is full of this. What exactly does this mean? Am I going to start to watch this and then have pieces missing, or is this just telling me that a certain piece was bad and bc will find a peer with the same piece in good condition? I think and hope it's the latter. You guys have helped me out greatly in the past and I'm sure someone can explain this to me, or let me know if my guess is remotely close. Like I said, it's not affected my dl speed, or it doesn't seem to be. I'm just more or less curious about what it means. Thanx in advance rpwicked
  7. i think i got it

  8. i think i got it

  9. i think i got it

  10. I forgot to ask in my last reply. TUUS, do you know what bit torrent client Mvix Ultio utilizes? It would be great if it was Bit Comet. I saw a couple screen shots on their site, and it said something like Neighbor Web or something to that affect. Is that the client they use? If so, I never heard of it. Also, would you know if I would be able to install BC on it? Thanks again for giving me the info you know of this so far, and if you have answers to my new ?'s. It is appreciated. As you can see, I am slap full of questions Rpwicked
  11. Ok, I checked out the Mvix Ultio Pro, and it is way cool. I never realized this kind of technology existed yet. I guess I'm kinda behind on my technology. Right now that particular one is out of my budget, but I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed and check the local "geek's thrift store", it's kinda cool I have one right down the road that has a ton of computer stuff. If I can't find what I need there, then I guess it's off to e-bay. Now that you showed me that, I definitely want one. My wife will probably get a little hot under the collar about it, so I think I'm gonna stick with getting cables that will work, until next time she NEEDS to get make-up then I'm gonna NEED to get the media player. Lol. Thanks for all your help and for filling me in in some really cool technology. Thanks. p.s.- I'm sure if you changed the, "READ THIS before posting" to "Don't read this", you would probably have some kind of traffic jam at the post just from the amount of people trying to read it. Lol. It's unfortunate but that's the world we live in. Thanx again
  12. I had the same question a few weeks ago, and was told when I'm done downloading a task it will automatically start uploading. If you have the option to hash check when task is done downloading, it will do this first and then start uploading. In my experience, as long as your download is 100% and you have an orange up arrow, then you are now considered a seeder. I don't know what version of Bit Comet you have, I have version 1.27 and that's how seeding works with this version, it's probably pretty much the same with others. You can also take any of your downloads in your history, as long as it's 100%, and push the start button and you should see the orange arrow, meaning you are now seeding. That's about all I know, I hope this helps.
  13. Thanks to both of you guys for answering my post. @Kluelos, thanks for telling me what connector that was. Now that you tell me ,I was told that before I guess I had just forgot. Unfortunately my tv doesn't have this or a hdmi connector. It has just the ones I had mentioned before. @TUUS, if I go with a media player like you suggested I would still need to get some sort of cable, or a combination of cables to hook it up, right? Or am I just not understanding completely what the media players come with, ie- do they come with everything I would need to go from pc to tv? At any rate, thank you both for posting back, I appreciate any help or feedback I can get. Every time I post, it's always either one of you guys or Grey Wizard, or all of you that get back to me, for that I am extremely grateful. I wish there was some way I can extend my appreciation and gratitude towards you guys, but I don't think there will be any issues any of you will have that I can help you with, unfortunately. I am sure ya'll know a h*** of alot more about computers than I do, I'm the one you guys are helping all the time. Thanx Rpwicked
  14. Hello everyone once again. I'm hoping someone here can help me with my problem. I have alot of movies on my computer, but am getting sick of watching them on my monitor. I just got a new 36 inch tv, well a few years old but new to me. The tv has a whole bunch of rca hook-ups, a s-video and a co-ax hook-up. I put a radeon 9600 series video card in my pc, years ago, it has the standard monitor cable, some other kind of 24-pin plug that I have no idea what it's called and it also has a s-video port on it. Yes, my computer is pretty old, but I keep it clean with up-to-date software, I am amazed at the speeds I get out of this old pc through Bit Comet. My problem is that the tv has the standard 4-pin s-video port and the video card has an odd 7-pin s-video port. I was wondering, could I just get a regular s-video cable and will it work. Do those additional 3 pins on the card make a difference? I'm just trying to find the cheapest way possible to watch videos on my tv? If anyone can tell me anything about this, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm hoping someone can tell me a way I can somehow rig it using stuff I already have, that would be extremely cool, seeing that I'm just a simple, humble poor man trying to get by the cheapest way I can find. thanx in advance
  15. Thanks to both of you guys. The feedback was exactly what I needed. What you said was pretty much what I was thinking. It would be nice to have for everything else I do on the web, but if there's a chance it will affect BC then the heck with it. I'd rather have nice speeds on torrents. Thanks again to both of you. rpwicked
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