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  1. I am downloading a file using BC 07 in my WinXP SP2. The download speed was just fine, but when the download progress came to 99.8%, then it stopped. I see that there are 6 peers having the same percentage of downloaded file. When I click to see the summary of the file, there is such a message: "Error: Tracker Response Error: CLient Version is banned. Check with the tracker administrator in Tracker... Could anyone explain to me what's happening, please?
  2. I am using BC 0.7 (Bitcomet version 0.7) in my Windows XP SP2 Home. I downloaded a .torrent for a 3.5GB anime videos from a Web site last night. I always choose to allocate disk space for a file before downloading. I am using 3MBps bandwidth, so it should take me at least a week to finsih it. I hoped to let the file be downloading over the mid-night, but for safety reason, I had no choice but to turn off my PC before I slept. So, I tried to stop the downloading task, but then problem I found was that my BC program stopped response for a few minutes before it returned to normal. I think the program should be allocating disk space for the 3.5 GB file. Am I right? I find I can immediatley stop the process of a downloading file if and only if it is of small file size, say 120MB.
  3. I was downloading a file using BC0.7 in my WinXP SP2 Home this morning; I think this should be another bug of BC v.07 that my PC stopped response when I accidentally double click another .torrent to run. :blink: Please advise. BTW, will it do any help to the download speed if I check the box of "Allocate disk space before downloading". :P :blink: Please help if you could!
  4. Thanks, but who is the Admin of BC forums? And are there any MODs here? :blink:
  5. I am using BC v0.7, and I found something strange in the toolBar when I opened the program this morning. From the above picture, you should see there is a new Tab appearing immediately next to the Help tab. I wonder if the source code of BC program was ever released to Chinese users, it is trivial that my BC was modified by spyware from China. :blink: Could anyone suggest me ways to remove this Tab.
  6. I just wonder if I can increase my file downloading speed my changing the current setting of upload rate, say from 5KBps to 10KBps. I am uisng BC 7.0 in my Win XP SP2, and have limited my upload rate to 12kbps. I am 3MBps bandwidth. Please advise!
  7. I am downloading a file using BC 0.7. But I have already spent a few weeks on downloading this file. The percentage of my downloaded file is just around 10%. I have tried to stop and then restart, hoping to connect to other peers. But BC just always tell me "connecting to the tracker to say start...". This is the tracker address: Could anyone here suggest me ways to connect to this tracker. I feel so frustrated. Please help if you could!
  8. Please go to this URL: http://forums.bitcomet.com/index.php?showtopic=3520 and see my last reply to this topic. I think someone else has edited my reply, because I see the following message is noted: This post has been edited by Dark_Shroud: Today, 02:53 AM Is Dark_Shroud a Mod of this forum? Please help!
  9. Excellent detailed explanation! Before that, I thought that those peers whose Initiation is "Local" are living in the same country as me.
  10. Can someone here tell me what the Initiation column does in BC. What do "Local" and "Remote" mean respectively?
  11. Me encountered the same problem! I was downloading a 178MB file, but the "total download" in Summary tag showed me I had downloaded 210MB with zero data drop! :blink: Is it another bug in BC v0.7?
  12. Please tell what is piece size and how it affects download speed. :blink: :blink: When just considering the download speed, is a torrent of smaller piece size always better than a larger one?
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