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  1. Hi guys, great! mpcstar 5.3 is out after much time. subtitles reading from zip file is good inclusion, n also other improvements. so just give ur feed backs and also discuss ur problems with forum members.
  2. windows xp should not be problem, try uninstalling mpcstar, and then install it again. and also remove any codec pack like k-mega codecs,lately there has been many reported conflicts between mpcstar and k-lite/mega codecs pack.if ur only having mpcstar it will be sufficient to play almost ur every media files. and see also tht ur video and sound drivers are latest.
  3. u must have opened half downloaded or corrupted .flv file try to download it again n play , it should work. i am having morethen 50 flv videos on my laptop and in none of these it showed any error while playing.
  4. thanks for reply. any way can i contact development team?
  5. sorry to bother u again n again. when next version is coming out, its been a while since last version 5.2. hoping some new surprises from mpcstar team. black skin in 5.1 was such a great surprise.
  6. yup, actually i've tried it already and worked also. but i m thinking of something permanent solution. though i can bear with it, hope u consider it important enough to include in ur future version 5.3. but honestly its the best player around, ive tried almost all other players.
  7. u r right, i do agree with u, but it doesnt distort in vlc player,even if u go beyond 100%.u can check it with vlc player. i think distortion is much more higher, sudden and out of proportion. means if from 100% u go to even at 110%its so loud n then till 300% it hardly changes any. wht i do, i keep vlc and mpcstar both in my system ,movies which sounds ok till 100% i see with mpcstar n for movies which r having low sound n i need to increase sound more than 100% i see with vlc player. but honestly i like mpcstar more than vlc. because of this reason only i keep vlc in my system. means i think u ppl can do something for smooth increase of sound onwards 100%, it should be techanically not much probelamatic for u guys. and thank u very much for quick reply.
  8. hi im a great fan of mpcstar but only one reason keeps me away from using it instead i use vlc. reason is when i increase my volume above 100% , voice becomes dispropotionately high and corrupted. i am using windows 7 ultimate 32 bit with all my video n sound card drivers latest and updated. this roblem existed in earlier versions also .i thought with 5.2 it would solve but it still there. can u please suggest some workaround or improve this in new version. i like mpcstar better then vlc or ne other players but because of this sound problem it annoys me to watch movies so i use vlc instead. plz improve this bug so i can use ut all the time. B) thanks in advance n waiting for reply.
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