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  1. u r right, i do agree with u, but it doesnt distort in vlc player,even if u go beyond 100%.u can check it with vlc player.

    i think distortion is much more higher, sudden and out of proportion.

    means if from 100% u go to even at 110%its so loud n then till 300% it hardly changes any.

    wht i do, i keep vlc and mpcstar both in my system ,movies which sounds ok till 100% i see with mpcstar n for movies which r having low sound n i need to increase sound more than 100% i see with vlc player.

    but honestly i like mpcstar more than vlc.

    because of this reason only i keep vlc in my system.

    means i think u ppl can do something for smooth increase of sound onwards 100%, it should be techanically not much probelamatic for u guys.

    and thank u very much for quick reply.

  2. hi im a great fan of mpcstar but only one reason keeps me away from using it instead i use vlc.

    reason is when i increase my volume above 100% , voice becomes dispropotionately high and corrupted.

    i am using windows 7 ultimate 32 bit with all my video n sound card drivers latest and updated.

    this roblem existed in earlier versions also .i thought with 5.2 it would solve but it still there.

    can u please suggest some workaround or improve this in new version.

    i like mpcstar better then vlc or ne other players but because of this sound problem it annoys me to watch movies so i use vlc instead.

    plz improve this bug so i can use ut all the time. B)

    thanks in advance n waiting for reply.

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