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  1. I have already downloaded the plugin. It was just to report the bug in the latest version of bit comet. These little-little bugs should be fixed. There should be no broken/dead link in the software.
  2. i am using the link given in bitcomet for those who do not have the plugin
  3. I am using latest version of bitcomet. when i start download of e mulr plugin it gives me the following error actually it do not even recognize the file i.e. it shows wrong name (Started the download from bitcomet only) Now i have downloaded the plugin from the bc server this was only to notify you
  4. Plz help me again this time i created a torrent and i think i did everything correctly but still it is not working here is the link for the torrent http://torrents.thepiratebay.org/6761022/New_folder_(3).6761022.TPB.torrent if it works for you then tell me and if it does not then please correct me!
  5. When you are making the torrent add this http://ia700705.us.archive.org/29/items/ALTHEKR/ in web seeding and then try. DO Not change the file Names. You may visit the link i gave to you and verify the file names If you need detailed explanation then you should make a new topic in the forum
  6. usually when bitcomet finishes a download task then it hash checks it and then to start seeding you may have to click on the "start" button again and please READ THIS before posting and give us more info such as your bitcomet version.
  7. If i change my user agent to a random name for eg Max then will it affect the name of the client shown to the peers in other words Can i fake other people by showing them my client as a custom name like max i.e. they would see my client as "max"
  8. READ THIS before posting
  9. Plz add the sorting feature IT WOULD NOT HARM ANYONE it would just make my job a little bit easier
  10. Hey i got my problem solved but still i want to tell you that i read all the manuals carefully and D-link GLB-802c is a ROUTER as well as a MODEM (It has 1 Ethernet and 1 USB port) WGR614 v6 is ONLY a ROUTER and this is what i said earlier
  11. Removing the trackers that is what I want.. Actually many of torrents i used had about 10-15 trackers and most of them are private so i want to remove those trackers which do not return me peers but finding one by one is pretty difficult so i need feature like sorting or grouping so that i can remove all of those together(time saving!!) Plz add it It won't harm anyone and i think not much of coding would be needed to do that It would be just another feature to add to the list!! and The UnUsual Suspect which tracker's admin are you? Is it a public or private tracker?
  12. there is only 1 Ethernet port on the dlink But now i have created a bridge connection and solved the port forwarding problem. nevertheless thanx to you all I have a request Please add sorting feature in "trackers" section in "detailed info"
  13. There is no DMZ and unfortunately my modem is an old one and doesn't save its settings to a file on the computer Is there a any way from which i can make my modem to be available for upnp?
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