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  1. Hi, Your player is awesome, but I noticed a few things that keeps it from being my favorite. First off, I was listening to a song "Mutilation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery" and the lyrics were messed up, so I tried (as the FAQ told me to) changing the song name in file info. I've retyped the title in lower-case letters "mutilation is the most sincere form of flattery" and it worked - it picked lyrics from vvlyrics.com instead of Lyrics Pond. Could you please try to make it checking the lower-case versions of the names with priority in vvlyrics? - because they've got the best quality lyrics. I would really appreciate. EDIT: Just checked it with "Godeatgod" and "GODEATGOD" and it's the same. This time however, "Godeatgod" doesn't even work. The other thing is a major problem I would say. When the player is running, it somehow interacts with other applications; for example: browser flash player crashes sometimes - more specifically youtube videos don't work when player is running (It says: "Shockwave player plugin stopped working"). How do I know it's the comet player? I close it and magically everything's fine. ~WinXP32, Google Chrome~
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