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  1. hahaha 10Q EAGLE, i just informed the issue faced by BC v1.40 so the dev teams is aware. nothing more or less i got no problem with it & know how to make it runs just to help the new users with the info anyway 10Q EAGLE bcoz you always answered all the questions
  2. just for info Bitcomet v1.40 is incompatible with ff v43.0.4 & got no issue with chrome v47.0.2526.111 hopefully the dev teams will look into it. All the dev teams, you got my respect. bitcomet v1.40 has a great speed & connection. 10Q to the dev teams.
  3. thanks eagle the only thing is bitcomet will collect any point from the download, upload, seed etc but still a great tool to use
  4. agreed with eagle. got no problem with me too
  5. @ bushwhacker2k try this: open mpcstar player then click tools > options > appearance > uncheck allow multi players running at the same time on program startup
  6. agreed with EAGLE. check setting in router & allow firewall setting for incoming/outgoing for bitcomet. Norton 360 is one of the best for internet security but it wont let the TCP open especially Norton 360 with patched/cracked. got to setting in norton 360 allow/excluded bitcomet from protocol filtering. norton still can detect suspicious data during downloading.. but some of the malware can make a handshake & can pass thru if you used default setting for norton. used port no from 40000 till 60000 you'll get the best speed & more peers. and agreed with Cassie too, refer previous topics. you'll get the answer
  7. ckyean23, 1. Hope it helps, have you try Bitcomet Tracker? it helps you to get more seeds, peers & download speed. Try Bitcomet Tracker & you dont have to update tracker again. 2. and in Advanved setting. i got no problem setting the network max connection connecting & network max connections network just leave it '0'. for max half open for connections in utorrent can be set to 200 for best speed but your problem is different..
  8. affirmative..the best thing to do is..make a clean uninstall of previous version (in reg & hidden folder) & install new version of BC..to avoid redundancy..you'll get a great speed of download
  9. 100% agreed with the eagle... @ dimospetia 1. you can check the previous issues highlighted by the others...the same issue that you face on... 2. DO NOT POSTING YOUR EMAIL...you can be a victim... 3. provide some info...knew that you're using internet security as protection...allow BC thru your AV 4. CANT GUESS on you problem solution...
  10. TESTED that BC v1.37 (32bit or 64bit) got no problem with wins 8. check your computer memory or go to control panel > system > windows experience index & refesh. it will re-allocate your computer memory & dislpay etc...
  11. agreed...that is not a torrent download site & not a torrent file. if not mistaken, it is from billionupload...
  12. queeniequ; it's stunning..new released BC v1.37 is great in download speed, fast connection to DHT & tracker. intergration with FF v26.0 is good & no issues with win7 ultimate. have not try yet with win 8. anyway, thank you very much to the developer teams. voices been heard by the teams...once again thank you...
  13. try this out> 1. check your listen port. the best speed for listen port is 40000-60000. beware before using port from 40000 till 4++++. makesure it safe. avoid port used by trojan 2. check your firewall. always allow bitcomet in firewall setting. makesure you have a great AV/SS. 3. check your AV/SS setting for incoming & outgoing for bitcomet. 4. if the bitcomet dies away after certain time of connection. check your adapter setting. makesure it is long & short connection setting (in adapter setting) for wireless setting & 100mbps full duplex is set for ethernet. 5. check your power setting. set maximum performance for the adapter setting. 6. avoid using this port 5730. used by microsoft for updates for now try it out...cant help much. need more info
  14. > great internet speed, very cheap, good tech support & not even same with my country. but some tweaking done to get a good internet speed & of course for free/silence. > i'm sure the BC tech team read your post. wait for thier reply > i love romania for the internet speed
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