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    Free browser based Tetris games are the only free games I play. It's probably been a year and a half since I've played any video games. 😕
  2. I just wanted to note that Firefox is switching over to web extensions the same as Chrome and pretty much everything else. So that should make it easier for this download manager for everyone.
  3. I was dropping in once or twice a year then I realized how long it had been as I was looking at various technology options for discussions.
  4. Ok first here are a few links on Bittorrent Live to explain what it is for those who don't know. https://torrentfreak.com/bittorrent-new-live-streaming-platform-130312/ http://blog.bittorrent.com/2016/05/17/bittorrent-live-multichannel-app-for-live-and-linear-programming-unveiled-at-intx/ https://btlive.tv/ This whole situation started seven months ago when I was looking at performance, costs, and avoiding censorship with video streaming. Recently I was having a conversation with the developer of Gvid, a youtube competitor, about cutting costs of video streaming and p2p video came up along side h.265/HEVC. Basically we would like it structured where the video file is hosted on the streaming site. But having a BitTorrent swarm style sharing system where people who are streaming the file are sharing their bandwidth and what they've already downloaded with other people looking to watch the video. No one has any type of browser add-on or extension for this. BitComet's downloader is literally the closest to what I was looking for. So if anyone knows of any software that could do this or has experience with BitTorrent life I could use some advice.
  5. Hmm I'll watch that later tonight. At least no one posted that horrid video by MTV.
  6. I don't want new, just a more simple UI and for old none updated features to be ditched like the reskinned IE browser and favorites.
  7. I have found these to be the two best .torrent search engines. http://torrentz.eu/ http://bitsnoop.com/trackers/
  8. The reason is simple, Apple OS is a very small segment of the over all global PC market. It's not worth the developer's time to rewrite BitComet to work on OSX.
  9. And so is your post. Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll log back in & see this.
  10. There is no way to be anonymous while using bit torrent. Make sure you have at least windows firewall running and use common sense. If you download movies or music thats just come out or isn't even out to the store yet then you're paining a target on your self. Read comments and watch the uploader & tracker. www.torrentz.me
  11. It also looks like nothing has changed around here. :rolleyes:
  12. At the most you would see a general performance boost. But you would probably notice it feeling restricted in settings after having used Ultimate. For laptops upgrading to an SSD is the best upgrade you can do. Whoever told you that doesn't know what they're talking about. I've built PCs running AMD Phenom II x3s without issuess with Windows seeing & using all the cores. Honestly I'm not sure how that's measured without reading up on the specific CPU. But in reality you want a minmum 2mb of L2 cache to not have it be a bottle neck.
  13. One of these days I'll remember to request my mod status back.
  14. That salesman was an a** to tell you that. Yes Win7 Starter is limited but it's better than XP and its actually designed to run on ultra portables. kluelos, don't forget that the memory controller is also now built in the the Intel Core CPUs the same as AMD's Phenom & soon Bulldozer series. The next big CPU upgrade will hopefully be some type of eDRAM. Because AMD is able to use the Crossfire tech for the on-die "vector" (GPU) core & stand alone video cards to work with each other. If they mix sideport or eDRAM into that it will be a great combo. Intel could use this as an opportunity to revive RAMBUS if they wanted to.
  15. I haven't read jack and my '01 Ford Taurus is paid off. Hopefually it will last me a few more years. It's past 120k miles.
  16. Cassie, last month I sent out another P4 system that I could have shipped to you. At 2.4ghz it would have been an upgrade for you. :(
  17. Those don't even make it to the dumpster. The people who work at the factories in China & India just take the bins of defective ones & sell them.
  18. Dark_Shroud

    My new baby.

    This is my first new PC in 7 years. It's also the first I built compleatly from scratch for myself. It works so fast now that I actually don't know what to do now besides surf and play games when I have time. Core i7 2600K Noctua NH-U12P SE2 aftermarket CPU cooler Gigabyte P67A-UD3-B3 Sapphire AMD HD 6970 2GB Dell SP2309w native res @ 2048x1152 WD Black HDs LiteOn BD-ROM Plextor DVD-RW with Light Scribe Corsair Vengence (2 x 4GB) 1600 (8-8-8-24) Corsair HX1000 Cooler Master HAF 932 Killer 2100 When I'm able to get some more money together I'll be getting some Intel SSDs. The PC I upgraded from is an old P4 system, I'll leave it at that unless you guys actually want to know. :)
  19. I got a new PC so I don't need the car.
  20. Just a follow up note, right now the Western Digital Live TV Hub is probably the best box they make with a built in 1TB hard drive. Currently the only noteable streaming service its missing is Amazon VOD.
  21. I'm not the biggest fan of sushi, but I do love fried cat fish. I'm north enough in Illinois that I have to go west of the Mississippi to get it fixed up proper.
  22. No one has mentioned the Uncharted Series.
  23. Google is also blocking the searching of .torrent files now.
  24. There is no account to block unless you're using a private tracker. You have to configure your upload to match your connections upload speed and not run to many .torrents at once. Or else you'll flood your connection. And sometimes no matter what you do some .torrents are just slow. And yes you had better upload to others, that's a big part of bittorrent. Because some trackers will ban you for that not to mention your download speeds will suffer for that. BitTorrent programs won't share with people who do not contribute their fair share back to the swarm.
  25. I know this is late, but I wouldn't recommend kickass torrents as they banned all versions of BitComet. And have caused BitComet to be banned at other sites as well as preventing some of us from getting it unbanned. +1 for Torrentz.com, though now its http://torrentz.eu/ for legal reasons.
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