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  1. I think most of us have done so, since so many major sites are starting to use features which were added to Firefox after the version CometBird uses (the Firefox version it's based on is about two years old at the date of this writing). It's a bit unfortunate, but que sera sera. They only have so much development time available, and they're a business, so a free browser which doesn't generate any income can't really rank highly (I can't recall any ways it tried to monetize me beyond the default home page anyhow).
  2. In my opinion, BitComet should allow hostname input (passing it to WinSock's resolver to obtain an IP address), rather than strictly IPv4-format IP addresses. Sometimes when manually adding a peer, they give you their hostname rather than their IP, which then has to manually resolved. These are computers, they should do the dirty work for us! B) Note that the Add Peer functionality would have to be revamped a bit anyhow, if my IPv6 feature request were to be implemented. It would be great if multiple birds could be knocked out by the devs at once (i.e. lay the foundation for future IPv6 supp
  3. I do have to say that I do use IE (9, at that) and have never seen the issue that's described. I expect it's more than meets the eye. I haven't really looked into the registry change suggested above, nor do I have a "broken" BitComet to compare those settings (and my current settings) against. However, the registry settings indicate that affected systems have some messed up settings for Protected Mode. I would be curious from a purely academic view to know if there's a common thread between the IE installations having the issue. If nothing else, it might help people come up with a good workar
  4. Oh, I dunno... 匍匐同輩 works for me... And it almost even conveys what was meant! :D (Plus, I like way the phrase sounds. B) ) Also, I've seen this behavior for quite some time in BitComet. I always assumed I was doing something wrong, or was misinterpreting something, or was missing some piece of the puzzle. <_<
  5. I thought I should provide a brief run-down on IPv6 for those who might not be familiar with it outside of (usually mostly-accurate, at best) news reports. I sincerely hope that the devs don't need this post... :lol: I just think it's only fair that the rest of the users are aware of exactly what they're likely to start seeing at a fairly rapid pace. IPv6 is a whole new addressing system for the entire Internet. About 15-20 years ago, some bright people foresaw that the Internet was growing very rapidly. Of course, rapid growth with a limited number of addresses logically means that you'll r
  6. Now that ISPs are starting to roll out native IPv6 support, and Toredo/6to4 being almost ubiquitous and almost well-supported even in the lowest-grade consumer gear, I'm seeing more IPv6 trackers and peers. Unfortunately, BitComet is not yet able to connect to these resources. :( Quite notably, trackers which only have an AAAA record (no A record and thus no direct IPv4 connectivity) give an "Tracker connection error: 11004 DNS error" in BitComet (verified that this is still an issue in 1.28). A public tracker which only has an AAAA record, for testing purposes, is Ubuntu's IPv6 tracker: htt
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