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  1. It is true that the higher our upload rate, the higher our download rate. How about the fields Total Downloaded & Total Uploaded? Does BC favors those users with Total Uploaded more than Total Downloaded? K.C
  2. If you keep disconnecting with BitComet, are you using version 0.70? 0.70 is the stable one. If you are using version above 0.70, you should uninstall it and replace it with version 0.70 My download is usually slower than my upload ever since I use BC. I am using 1MBps package. Upload rate is often at 40KB/s. Download rate is usually less than that. By the way, I set Global Max Download Rate & Global Max Upload Rate as NO LIMIT
  3. hi there! I am from PJ and don't experience any significant problem. I am using 1MB download package. I notice that the download speed depends on the time of the day. The best time is after midnight for the type of files that I am downloading (your experience may be different from mine). 11am until midnight are not so good for downloading. Also at this time there are not that many people connected, result in even slower speed. There was one period of time (about 10 days) that I experienced extremely slow speed after midnight (completely opposite of my usual experience), but later it was back to normal. How long have you experienced slow speed? Could it be line problem? If it is a new download, it is quite slow at the beginning. It is normal that download speed is slow if the percentage of completion is less than 10% or higher than 90%. If the seeds come and go, it doesn't matter. The most important field is the HEALTH. A health of every 100 means there is 1 complete copy. Besides, sometimes seeds send out lots of data, sometimes seeds send out very few data, depends on the torrent. Don't ask me why but it's how it works. So, a seed is not a must. Anyway, I have heard of many people complain about slow speed using BC, but I am not sure if intentional blocking exists or not. K.C
  4. I am surprised that there are no explainations about the fields/columns in BitComet such as Seed/Peer[All], U/D Ratio, Health. They are important for users to know what they are. I think it is also nice to include a section about seeding such as the need to seed after download is complete, which fields are used to determine when it is okay to stop seeding, how to seed after removing the task etc. After using BitComet for 2 months, I notice that not many people do seeding. I bet some of them not even know what is seeding and not realize they should seed after download is complete (they just want to watch the latest movie!). There are people who choose not to seed because they think there is no need for them to do so when the torrent has lots of seeds and peers. This bad habit would be deadly when the torrent has only a few peers. There will be no complete copy if they do not seed. Users should be educated about the need to seed and the consequences of their actions. The things that I just mention can be found in the forum if people care to dig deep. That's how I learn. But the information is important enough for me to think that it should be included in the FAQ/guides. K.C
  5. I would suggest that you ask someone (IT guy) to help, preferably someone in your living area. Your problem sounds serious because it should not be bad for 2 weeks. Are you sure it is not torrent specific issue? Are all the torrents experience slowness? Are there may peers connected to you? K.C
  6. No speed at all? I assume your Internet access is just fine, right? I am in PJ. Is D-LINK dsl 504T router or router modem? K.C
  7. I agree with Mosillivo that BitComet should never has the option to let users set an upload limit because I believe many users underutilize their upload bandwidth. Let BitComet set it automatically (maybe 80%of avaialble upload bandwidth, as mentioned in the setting guide). Just imagine the whole community will suffer if everyone set the global upload limit to 10kB/s! Besides, I set my global upload limit to No Limit and it seems just fine. I also don't think BitComet should have the option to ban other users as well. Like Kluelos said, basically we do not know what is going on within the swarm. Just because someone upload less to you and download more from you doesn't mean that this person doesn't want to share it with you or set the upload limit low. This is how BitComet works so just accept it. Because the type of torrents that I download has very few peers (often connected to less than 5 directly), I have the (tough) luck to observe how BitComet works. And I don't understand it because experience with one torrent may not be the same with another torrent. For example, this torrent that I am seeding I send out a lot of data, but the other torrent I hardly send out any. At times, there are torrents where I get data from many of the peers I connect to, but for another torrent, it seems like I get about 99% of the file from specific 1 or 2 peers that I connect to. So, since we are not 100% sure, don't assume everything is people's fault. Instead, most likely, this is how BitComet works. Cheer up! Whenever I sees KB/s Peer Dn of more than 100kB/s, I don't feel so jealous that I must ban the guy from download from me. If the person wants to share, it's good to let him/her has the complete copy. If not, it's best to let that guy get the complete copy and get lost as soon as possible so that peers can send data to other people! K.C
  8. dportgas, What is your maximum download speed? If I am not mistaken, streamyx states its package based on kbps. BC uses kBps. Corrent me if I am wrong. Thanks! K.C
  9. I use the same package. The best I have ever seen is 70+kB/s for download and 45 kB/s for upload. My Global Max Download Rate and Global Max Download Rate are set to be No Limit. But then the torrent that I download usually has less than 50 peers. So, not sure if that is the max speed. K.C
  10. What does it mean that there are 4 seeders in the swarm? Since I am connected to 2 seeders, does it mean that the other 2 are offline(task has been stopped)? Are they all performing seeding at that moment? Thanks Kluelos! K.C
  11. During downloading, for example, if the Seed/Peer[all] contains 2/100[4/250], what do the numbers mean? When we are seeding is the Seed/Peer[all] always start with 0, as in 0/100[2/500]? what do the numbers mean? Thanks! K.C
  12. I am interested in older Taiwan entertainment shows like those Jacky Wu's shows. Usually I go to Icefish to download. Any other web sites? Thanks in advance! K.C
  13. Make sure that the setting is correct. Go to View Menu, select Images and Show images.
  14. It is usually quite slow when we start downloading or at the end of our download. This is fine when there are lots of seeds or peers. However, it is ridiculously slow when there are only a few peers. This is quite common when the torrent has been published for quite a while. For example, there is one torrent that I try to download... there is only one seed with 5 peers. The health fortunately is about 300%. However, it may take many hours to receive the first 16kB, and take more than a few days or a few weeks to download the whole thing (500 MB). I notice that there are new peers try to download but they probably give up before receiving even the first 16kB. I am sure if the initial download is satisfactory, they will not give up like that. Since the download will be faster when more peers joins the download, I think it is best that BC can speed up when a new download is initiated. This will encourage more peers to participate and keep the torrent alive for a longer time. Just think about this real life scenario, if there is only 1 seed and 1 peer, how BC can help to make the download less frustrating? K.C
  15. Starfire, I am using BC 0.70. When you right click any of the torrent, you should see the option manual hash check available. Have to stop the torrent first. K.C
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