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  1. Hello again...!! :rolleyes: This time with a different problem. Well the problem is that MPCSTAR 5.1 to 5.3 doesn't open the linked files to a specific video attached by HAALI MEDIA SPLITTER. According to a Fansub anime group,"we didn’t cut out the OP and ED. We used something called “ordered chapters”. This means that the OP and ED are in separate files (and are magically linked to each episode so they play normally). It helps to keep you from having to download an extra 100MB with each episode, saving bandwidth and disk space. HOW TO PLAY ORDERED CHAPTERS: For Windows: Install CCCP. Then, go to combined community codec pack/filters (in case you can’t find this, it’s in your start menu), and select haali media splitter settings. Make sure that “Attempt to open linked files” is checked." Can you please solve this problem?By the way my other problem is still not solved.Looking forward to your immediate reply.. Yours faithfully, Narutoblaze.
  2. Please solve my problem....its already been half a month..!! :(
  3. I am currently using MPCSTAR 5.3,and the video's(soft-subbed)subtitle font automatically changes to a very simple and ugly font.It doesn't change back to normal no matter what I do..!! :( The same problem has happened in the previous versions also.While the font is fine in other players I Occasionally use.But MPCSTAR being my favourite,I want to use it only :D Please help solving this problem of mine..!! :o SEE.. INSTEAD OF..
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