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  1. hello greywizard, when i post this question (aug 2011) i had this program for a few days and it was my first time so in that time i dont know how it is, but now more than a year later i know i must seed for min share rate (in dutch: deelverhouding) on 5, i set the completed file on antother external drive, but if i want to seed, than i must first download it again,, i set completed files in a other drive otherwise my pc has only 100 gb so thats in download memory of movies verry quickly full, and i cannot have always a external drive connected to my computer.. now you know why and i found out after a couple weeks how it works, greetings
  2. hello, if im downloading a movie and its ready then i remove the task from the active list, so it only stand in the `download complete` list, but now that list is empty, the files are on the hard disk but i want to keep them in the `complete` list. so i can see clearly where i keep all the files, (have difrent save as locations) does anyone know how bitcommet removed automaticly the list? or cleaning up? and how i can get the files in the complete list back? hope you can help me
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