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  1. i was getting audio from avi and mp4 now it doesnt play sound i tried the swf file thing but it wont even load the file maybe re-installing would fix? so now im stuck with WMP till this is solved i uninstalled ffdshow and put in CCCP but still nothing. Also i dont think that tversity has to do anything with it because its never had an issue before
  2. you guys can close this thread because appearently i found the issue i put the audio quality up to where it cant play audio
  3. recently in mpcstar i have had no sound also in windows media player running the same file i get an error "c00d11b1" i have also tried different files im thinking codec have an issue because even in pinnacle studios im having no audio so can anyone help?
  4. no i didnt but i did go to playing file info and it seemed like it was using ffdsho. also how do i get to the ffdshow's config? edit: i got it now but its using ffdshow but it is still doin that issue
  5. no its still is doing this without divx so any ideas on what to do?
  6. thanks ill look it up later and uninstall divx and see if it is the codec
  7. so should i get xvid then but okay i didnt know because i only had dvix installed and it never did that before
  8. greywizard is what im talking about but okay i just wondered was all
  9. well i dont know what foing on with it then because i never did this before and im just wondering how to make it so it doesnt do this cause it looks weird should upload a picture so you guys know what im talking about?
  10. im reffering to asx file streaming like Orb(google it if you have to) but if you are then what the heck am i doin
  11. well i know this is a great and awesome video player but whats up with not having video streaming? just wondering because windows media player is good and all but not best if the audio is not synced. have you guys thought about implementing this?
  12. mostly its avi and i know that before it was using divx because of the watermark logo
  13. sorry it was late when i posted. well the player should be using divx codec no matter what (cause its the only one installed) but it isnt using divx so i dont even know which codec it is using
  14. well where the black borders are in every file and when i go to fullscreen or even stretch the player there seems to be a frozen frame in the black border not sure if its the player or the decoder its using and by the way im trying to use divx codec but its using it and not what it is using. so can anyone help me out here????
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