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  1. Re-starting the upload seems to have fixed the problem. It appears as though I am seeding again. Thank you
  2. I am trying NOT to be a leecher, so that last 3 files I've downloaded I've left running to share (seed?). After 5 days they all are displaying a green dot (vs the orange arrow previously) and have "stopped/finished" beside them. The share ratios are all under 0.26 and one being as low as 0.06. Have I done something incorrectly? I was prepared to leave these downloads until the 1.5 share ratio recommended.
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    I'll try to do better. Thanks
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    Thank you for the info. I was leaving files on the site after downloading them, but ran into hardrive space problems and so delete everything as soon as I've watched it. That is not purposely malicious on my part, it was simply out of necessity. How long should I leave files/movies after I've downloaded them on average to meet the share ratio?
  5. Hey everyone, my name is Jtawg and I'm a bitcomet newbie. I have been using this amazing site for a while, but didn't know that I "might" be breaking some protocol rules. I don't want to be a leecher. How can I become a good torrent member?
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