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  1. :)... You and your team are doing well... Good things are worth waiting for and VIPAnoy is going to be a good thing :)... Torrent that wz not working yesterday is now humming along at full speed... Cheers... Xball
  2. Hi hi... Big UPs for the VIPAnnoy project :) Timing on VIPAnoy is fantastic... The concept is Awesome, Once this is up and running retrieving data any other way would be reckless and fool hardy :)... It has been mentioned if VIPAnoy task does not finish preparing and become available within say 10 min then it probably won't... However Does this mean the data will never be available??? Or if its a new healthy torrent ( say in its first few days) Can we expect VIPAnoy to become available for it in say a week??? Often there is only one good torrent available so to give up is to miss out... Cheers... Xball
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