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  1. today I was downloading a file and even though there were no seeders/no peers my speed got over 2000 (well, my limit is 3k, so 2k is awesome down here) I have never seen such phenomena anyone care to explain to me this odd feature of the p2p universe? is it a glitch or else? thanks
  2. well, guys, after reading all the posts, i think im gonna go backwards.
  3. hey!! I just entered to this forum because I am also having problems with 0.71 I though there was something wrong with me or my system, but it seems that its kinda bugged . I loved to set priorities on my downloads, and also, with this version, a download takes forever. always loved bitcomet, but never ever complained. normal instalation, any suggestions. anybody knows if it's going to be fixed, or I have to go backwards??
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