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  1. it seems there was a problem with the disk which chkdsk didn't detect it started downloading after i closed the application and opened it again problem solved, thank you
  2. bitcomet 1.27 adsl broadband router - beetel windows vista home premium continuing my problem from the topic started by another member bitcomet gets stuck at a certain percentage while hashing even after starting both tasks, one of them shows the yellow button, while the other shows the diamond button next to it when i stop the tasks, bitcomet goes into not responding mode checkdisk results are normal even after moving the files using bitcomet gui, the problem remains the same
  3. i am uploading a few pics to show my problem edit by staff: You duplicated the "img" tags so I fixed it for you. ~TuuS
  4. if i stop bitcomet, it hangs up i am not aware of the unlocker utiity my downloads worked perfectly fine till about 3-4 days ago and i have experienced this problem since. one of the files i'm downloading has downloaded 29.2% but hashing stops at 2.7% killing the process has been of no use, whenever i open the bitcomet application, i experience the same problem
  5. i am experiencing the same problem. how do i copy the files being downloaded to another location as the copy operation will not work as the files are open in bitcomet i have checked my disk for errors and it is fine, no problems found
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