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  1. Thanks Angel, I am enjoying BC to the fullest. B)
  2. Very understandable guys. I used to play around with Limewire, Bearshare and even the dreaded Frostwire. Then I found BC and haven't had any problems with it. They had chat options but like it was said, "It got abused." I guess it would be something difficult to control even if there was a good base of people using it.
  3. Not sure if anyone has suggested this. I went throught the entire section here and didn't see one. A chat room for members would be nice. It would give me something to do while waiting on downloads to finish.
  4. Thanks guys for clearing up alot of the time constraints that I have been having.
  5. I have come to find that using UDF or ISO files are quite easy to mount with the right programs. First of all, if you come across a UDF file in a download, no problem... Use MagicISO to deal with this type of file. It is a free downloaded program, unless you would like to pay for it but, it's free none-the-less. The ISO type files are a little more easier for me to deal with. I use Nero 10 to mount the disk images to a dvd. I found that Nero 10 is the most easiest to use out of all the other programs I have tried, a little pricey but, easy. Once you have the ISO file, just create a DVD (ISO Image) with Nero. 1-2 hours later, you have your mounted disk and it should work just like buying the real thing from the store. Please contact me with any questions to this or post below.
  6. This is the first time I have actually had time to check out the Forums here. I have been using Bitcomet for awhile now and made the Sergeant rank the other day. So far I have managed to keep an average of 1100-2100 kb/s downloading and 50-110 kb/s uploading. But anyways, I just wanted to pop in and say "Hi" to everyone out there and seed as much as you can to help everyone out.
  7. Seeding what i have and downloading.

  8. Seeding what i have and downloading.

  9. Seeding what i have and downloading.

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