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  1. my client seams to like saying the disk is busy while not responding also. only im not even downloading, there maybe 8 or 10 torrents searching for peers and clicking around on torrents just makes the program not respond and say busy disk..... only its not doing a damn thing why is it saying the disk is busy? the pc is functioning fine [during busy disk] its only bitcomet thats acting like a troublechild. seatools says my drives are fine.
  2. launching the client doubleclicking on torrents to start results in "not responding" takes minutes to figgure out what the heck its doing. then the program crashes. takes forever to relaunch then it go not responding again. im sure im not patiant enough but jesus christ starting a torrent results in not responding? this isnt a crappy pc, except for the slow junk spinning hard drive.
  3. nevermind somehow i got 2 accounts. how can i close the other one?
  4. you can lock the thread and say what you want about me. ive seen my torrent client make my browser not work by using ALL available bandwidth. long term seed is supposidly helpful, and people will seed, but downloads are slowed down when LTS is on. upload is maxed out. ive showed you screen shots. im giving feedback because for years LTS has made my life difficult. when downloading, look at peers, go ahead, how many use bitcomet?... maybe they didnt feel like digging into your press releases and documentation and found the client maxing there connection?? how many use utorrent? im going to uninstall my bitcomet now.
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