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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have 6 GB of RAM (4+2 GB DDR3L @1600 MHz), and it usually has half free.
  2. I installed latest version of BitComet on a clean installation of Windows 10 (x64), but the application is freezing and then crashing constantly. I open it and resume torrents downloading, but after a minute or so it stops responding and I have to shut it. However, it crashes so badly that I can't even kill the process on Task Manager immediately, I have to wait a few instants before the process is terminated. When I start BitComet, I have to hash check every torrent due to the crashes, which is really annoying. Why is BitComet freezing so constantly? Will reinstalling BitComet fix the freezing/crashing? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the help,TUS.Currently,I'm just deleting the torrents such as the ones I've described.
  4. Today I've noticed this message on Trackers log: <tracker name> .......... "Tracker connection error: 10661 No connection could be established because the destination machine has refused them actively" (note:this is a rough translation.The original sentence is in Portuguese) The torrent task reports that there's only one peer,and it doesn't seem to be downloading from me: Seeds/Peer[all] >>>> 0/0[0/1] Howsoever,what you stated really makes sense to me.The seeding rate is stuck at 0 kB/s most probably because I'm not uploding to anyone. Thanks for making it clear!
  5. Why sometimes the uploading(seeding) rate keeps stuck at 0 kB/s?Bitcomet finishes downloading the torrent files,though it just doesn't upload after that.It doesn't happen with all the tasks,but usually with those ones which have few seeds/peers.I've noticed that on Summary tab,the Status line reports "Connecting".Both TCP/UDP listen ports are open(according to Statistics tab)in the PC router and also in Windows Firewall.Here are some specs: OS:Windows 7 Home Premium x86 BC version:1.31 x86 Modem:Huawei SmartAX MT880a(bridge config) ADSL2+ Router:D-Link DIR-600(PPPoE config) Speedtest bandwidth test: Is this an issue with the torrent task itself,with BitComet or with my internet connection?
  6. Hi,everyone.I'm currently using BC 1.30 x86 under Windows 7 Home Premium.When I start the application,I get 50% or more of CPU usage,then after a few minutes it gets to a normal value near 0.Similar issue happens to RAM usage,as soon as I start the client,the process consumes around 100+ MB of RAM,and after a period of time it lowers to 70 MB.Obviously,I encounter severe slowdowns.Is this behaviour expected?I've set the bitcomet.exe process priority to lowest,but it doesn't change anything.Uninstalled,cleared registry keys,cache,reinstalled,but I still get massive CPU usage and RAM usage in the beginning,then after some minutes it reaches acceptable values.I've searched the forums for similar threads,however couldn't find any. Here a ss I've taken:
  7. Thanks for the answers guy,but it's working right now.I guess my issue was caused by incorrect settings in wi-fi connnection.I have two adapters,one wireless and the other cabled.I had to deactivate one of them,and now it's woring great(perharps the servers were actually off too,however atm I'm able to login flawlessly or access any of bitcomet domains).
  8. I searched on the forum for threads which could describe my issue,but could not find none,so I started this,so sorry if it's not in the exact spot it should be .Basically,are the servers offline?I can't login in BitComet 1.29 x64,only in my browser(firefox 7.01).Bitcomet website(http://www.bitcomet.com) isn't available. .Bitcomet wiki is also offline.The connection ports are open in my router and in windows firewall.I don't know if this issue is caused by my browser of bitcomet servers are actuallly offline.Here is a screenshot: My OS is Windows 7 Home Basic x64.
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