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  1. Thank you so much for replying. You have cleared a lot of things up for me. How would I go about changing the ports used by BitComet? In tools - ports in option menu? Is it that easy? I tried selecting random ports, but that didn't work. I now have a privacy programme called Your Freedom. Hope this will work. Thanks again for the advice, really, really appericated it! EDIT: please don't quote very large messages in your reply, use fast reply or delete the "quote" (unless you are replying to a specific part of that quote, then leave only that part) Thanks you suspect
  2. Hi guys! My ISP (Talk Talk) have jst started blocking ports used for P2P downloads! I've heard you can conect to a proxy server to access P2P using another port e.g port 80, to fool your ISP into thinking you are downloading from a different source, e.g Microsoft website. Is this true? Can anybody tell me where I can pick up info on how to set one up using BitComet? Thanks so much. This is driving me crazy!
  3. Somethings blocking my port. When I click on peers, they have Local next to them. Is that normal? I heard they shld say Remote. I get downloading icon (green arrow), but no download rate. Can anybody help? Cheers!
  4. Hi dude! I had this problem. It's probably your ISP cutting you off because they can detect your using P2P software. Go to Preferences - Advanced then Protocol Encription and select ' Always' to hide from ISP. Also, try downloading at night and avoid peak times as many ISP's use traffic shaping at these times. I have this problem with Talk Talk and their so called 'Fair Usage Policy'. Is it fair that I pay good money for a service they can't provide because they want more customers and the lines cant support them! f****** bastards! Don't touch them with a barge pole! Hope it sorts i
  5. Hiya All! Firstly I love BitComet and have been using it for over a yr. But something funny happened last week. I can connect to seeds (2/4[2/6]) comes up in the seed peer ratio, and I get the symbol to show I'm downloading but getting no rate (0KB/s). Anybody know whats going on here? I haven't touch any of my settings or changed anything. Also DHT is not connected. Any help would be really appreicated. Thanks. :(
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