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  1. Yes I remember that no one told me to use PF config even you told me not to use PF config but when I didn't found my router name then I had to downloaded that software.This is my last post to you on this issue coz nothing is going to happen. Administrator, Kluelos, Mudit4 and Greywizard THANKS very much to all of you.
  2. Name of my router was not there in add port mapping in NAT router.Then I downloaded PFconfig name was not there also but there was an option called not listed so I used that option and I moved on to update my router it was updated as it says but no change was there.Model of my router is the model no. written in the mannual?I searched for that model no.
  3. Thanks very much. I have checked by disabling and then enabling my firewall.But nothing happened. I had already read the article(greywizard).But I'll read it again coz someone have given me advise and that someone is from technical support person. 1 ques.- while doing the process of portforwarding do I need to close my programs that uses internet?
  4. 1) BitComet_1.28 and BitComet beta versions I have used so far. 2) ADSL internet connection. 3) Modem+Router it is a rented one. I had never forwarded my port. 4) I have 2 PCs both connects to the same modem. And my modem is connected to my phone line through a spilter which has 2 spliters. 5) Windows XP, Windows firewall, Avast! antivirus. 6) From my 1st day listen port is blocked.I'm using bitcomet from 2 months. 7) As per speed tests internet speed is acc to my internet plan. I hope that I have provided all my essential info. that can help you to give directions to me. And sorry for not giving you info(s) that are required as I dont know what to do.
  5. my listen port shows yellow light(blocked). what i can do now?
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