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    log in on bitcomet 1.40 64bit

    I am having a similar problem. I have included screen shots of the sign in block information that is displayed. My OS is Windows 10 x64. This may be a bug in the software as I have uninstalled and reinstalled Bitcomet 140 many times with the same resulting display in the log in block.
  2. Yacuza

    False Member Representation

    Here is an example of the comment posted in the Torrent Collection area.
  3. ZYX (Member?) is advertising the use of a USERNAME and PASSWORD to further his rank standing. It is using dishonesty by having others do this. In light of this information, it is suggested that ZYX be suspended or banned from using BitComet in relation to this DISHONESTY! Those of us, that use honesty in posting comments and the proper use of common sense, feel that people like this are lazy and may be dishonest in other ways. :angry:
  4. Yacuza

    Browser Integration during Install

    I have been trying to install and use the eMule plugin (1.24) with BitComet (1.32) with no success. I have uninstalled, booted, and reinstalled (both eMule and BitComet)numerous times. Is there a remedy or set procedure to cure this problem? Tech Specs: Windows 7 x86 w/SP1 Processor 1.2G Memory 4G Drive Space 1.5T