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  1. what happened to BiteNova in my channel list? it's gone! How do i add a torrent site to my channel list? thanks, Ritty :o
  2. thank you kluelos i will try that! Ritty ;)
  3. I have downloaded a couple of movies in winrar and when i go to extract them an error comes up. It says corrupt file rar73 and rar76 for example. It has done this on two different movies. I have rehashed both of them twice. all files show 100%. I'm still using the demo version of winrar. Does that effect anything? Thanks, Ritty :blink:
  4. i dl a movie and it has 50 files that downloaded ok.100% it won't extract them it keeps coming up as corrupt file? i rehashed it twice and tey all show perfect. any ideas Ritty
  5. Ritty


    i burned the video through the Divxx player. Drag and drop and the player did the rest.
  6. Ritty


    i burned it on a dvd-r 4.7gb. memorex 120 min video
  7. Ritty


    the files are .vob and .bup :blink:
  8. i dl Poseidon from mybittorrent do you need more info on that file? thanks
  9. Ritty


    I dl'd a movie that plays great but it starts in Spanish. I can change it to English manually by my remote but the movie is in separate files, so every time a file starts i have to change it! Is there a way to make it start in English? I have tried every configuration to go to English but it won't work. Can the other languages be deleted then i can reburn it? Also can't i combine these files to play all together? thanks, Ritty ps: the torrent sites should categorize each movie file so we know which one we need to dl to work properly. <_<
  10. after dling a movie file i always have to figure different ways to open them! i have .bin files now and onlyVLC will play them. I don't want to use Alcohol 120%. I have Cyberlink, Divxx,CCCP. i'm looking to burn them on a dvd disk. Can someone give me a simple solution of where and what to send these files? This way ican open and play them. Thanks, Ritty :unsure:
  11. Ritty


    is cam vcd and cam xvid made by a video camera? after dl the picture was horrible! are those the ones to stay away from? or is it that people don't care. thanks, Ritty :huh:
  12. I tried .75 after trying .73 and they both stink!! now .75 shuts down apologizing. Then asks what were you doing? What the heck? .70 is the only one that works! Why make more and more advancements if you can't get it to work after .70? :huh: Ritty
  13. which is better to burn a Divx movie? cd or dvd? i know they have different mgbs but a dvd is a waste if the movie is only 700meg. thanks, Ritty <_< will they both have same quality?
  14. after i finish a dl, does the uploads continue forever? or will they stop after awhile. i believe in the sharing, but it still slows my computer. i'm trying not to be selfish :unsure:
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