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  1. Hi kevean! Did you try enabling "Anonymous Download"? When this is enabled, no traffic goes through the BitTorrent protocol - only the BitComet servers, thus you'd need no seeds. The BitComet server will do all the BitTorrenting for you with its (I suppose) massive bandwidth.
  2. Yes it was. :) I am sorry to hear that :( I hope he's doing well. He was a good friendly guy too. Yeah, uTorrent was good; but I don't like their cooperation with EpicScale; it is said it installs a BitCoin miner in the newest version of uTorrent; it mines BitCoins to BitTorrent Inc. that owns uTorrent by using your CPU when idle. So I recommend using older versions, versions they made before they started the EpicScale cooperation. http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/95041-warning-epicscale-riskware-installed-with-latest-utorrent/
  3. Thank you TheUnUsualSuspect! I never forget the time with funchords and our little battle trying to get the private server admins to understand, and I remember my request to alter the bittorrent user-agent! And I see it is implemented, and most trackers have unbanned BitComet now (if not, just alter user-agent to uTorrent/2.4). Amazing. I am back! :)
  4. If you have no downloading problems in general when downloading torrents and you have a good upload speed, does VIP download do anything for you at all? I mean, I think I understand how it works - the VIP server has a massive connection that does so the good peers are connected to the VIP server, due to the BitTorrent protocol (more seeding = more peers), this works. But if you have a good connection, you shoot yourself in the foot? The peers seed to the VIP server (and NOT to you, because they favor the VIP server) that sends it to you. So in the end it will be the same, but the data has been a trip to China first..... Thus this service is only for the ones with a crappy uploading connection - that can't seed anyway. AND it creates an environment where only the ones who have bought a VIP server get a good speed; if you have a crappy uploading connection. It works like a "seed-box" (A server with a torrent-client installed; typically Linux OS with uTorrent) - you just have absolutely no control over that seed-box; if you want it to keep seeding or stop the task. Isn't it cheaper and more convenient to buy a seed-box? Or am I missing something? :) Best regards, XSTREM
  5. Haha. Private Flags are there for a reason. Reminds me of 2007-2008....
  6. I agree with this feature request. Metalink is cross-platform and cross-protocol compitable, which is almost exactly what BitComet is. So yes, it would fit perfectly. It's just a question about how hard it is to implante.
  7. You have to use BitComet Resource Browser in order to download .flv files from YouTube for instance. (Or in IE: Rightclick, and choose: "Download Specific using BitComet --> Download Videos") When you load the youtube page, click on the "Movieclip Icon" at the top of the browser. Then you'll get to a BitComet page, where you can choose what to download. Press: "Download" next to the file you wish to download. BitComet will then load up, and you'll start downloading the file.
  8. Yes... It's a well known bug.. Another well known bug I might add. BitComet is a wonderful/the best (imo, of course) application for BitTorrent downloading - but as soon as it comes to initial seeding it really is bad. It's not a seeding tool, and that is very sad. BitComet lacks the uploadslotlimit feature. Instead of an uploadslotlimiter, the developers have chosen to do, so BitComet is able to adjust the uploadslots automatically. BUT it can't do that, if it dosn't know what your uploadbandwidth is. (That sounds logical, but the problem is that close to none BitComet users know this (besides the users on this forum of course) ). So you have to limit your upload to 15% below your maximum uploadspeed. My maximum uploadspeed is about 80 ~ 82 kB/s. So when I seed at full speed, I adjust the uploadlimiting to 83kB/s. . It does improve it, but it's long from perfect. Try it and tell me if you have any luck. I am not aware, if the strategy is improved in the latest version (0.93), as I didn't have the lust to test it when it still has the tracker-response-error-bug. -XSTREM.
  9. I like anime too. My favorite genres are Romance, drama and adventure. :) Woodbine: Why not? Have you ever watched a good anime before? Good animes are NOT animes like Pokémon and Dragon Ball(s). I recommend watching anime with English dubs. I like the English language better than the Japanese. If you've never watched a good anime before, watch it with dubs.
  10. Of course it needs Super Seed. It's such an important and wonderfull option. I can't understand why you say that it dosen't need it (and you call yourself a member of the tech-staff? :huh: ). This is one of the reasons why BitComet is starting to be a bad client compared to others. Thankfully you're not the one who takes that decision. All the other clients have the SuperSeed feature. (µTorrent, Azureus, Bittornado and so on). To other users, that dosen't know what we're talking about, read this: http://www.bittornado.com/docs/superseed.txt You still say that BitComet dosen't need it? :huh:
  11. And can I ask why you're doing that? That's dumb, if you ask me. I don't see the point. :blink: And where is the SuperSeeding? BitComet might be the only client without that important option..
  12. Ehm, what tracker are you downloading from? http://www.thepiratebay.org ?
  13. Hey, I am trying to help you here. Why are you being rude? I think you should learn a little about internet before sailing out on the big pirate-ocean. kbps = Kilobit Per Second. KB/s = Kilobyte Per Second -- U dont get it do u? :rolleyes:
  14. Hi li-yin, and welcome to BitComet support forums. :) And of course, welcome to BitTorrent. ;) Here remember to read the FAQ regarding BitComet. http://forums.bitcomet.com/index.php?showtopic=277
  15. Suspect: NO, DHT is NOT a tracker. It's a trackerLESS network, therefore there is no tracker, and that's what makes DHT to wonderfull. :)
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