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  1. it says mp3 but windows media wont open it
  2. ya i guess stick with bitcomet because its trustworthy.
  3. how do i convert my bitcomet files to mp3s that i can play on windows media or put on a cd?
  4. its kinda the same, id say watever downloads faster then do it.
  5. i want to find a final fantasy 7 torrent for epsxe thats in english and downloads fast and works correctly, ive searched google but alot of the torrents have people saying they work and some saying they dont. plz tell me one!
  6. if u want to download any games as in like ps2, ness, snes, n64 or anything u should download emulators first. ness, snes, and n64 are easy to find but alot of ps2 ones dont work... if u get a psx one i suggest getting epsxe. but epsxe requires you to find the bios file, the sound plug-in and the video plug-in, but dont worry they are easy to find, just google it.
  7. salad fingers


    theres either a corrupted file in the download, the sound plug-in is corrupted for the player, or u never even installed the sound plug-in. google search "sound plug-in download for [your players name here]"
  8. hey i need to kno, wat exactly are leech only files, seed only files, and reseed only files? o and wat are peers and how do i check my download ratio to make sure its approvable by bitcomet? thanks for the help
  9. wat rank is higher moderator or tech staff?
  10. get a psx emulator and find these three files and put them in their file: the bios, the sound plug-in, and the video plug-in, and then get torrents for it (i got final fantasy) and there u are. i also hav gba emulator ness and snes emulators
  11. salad fingers


    how do i check my ratio once ive started the download
  12. hm not really a disco ball i like to refer to it as a ceiling fan... but does TNP plays football... rite?
  13. aslo in the beginning u said it wasnt funny and then towards the end u said it was funny :huh: .... i havnt seen it but i heard it was funny (because of how rediuclous it was :) ) but ya u still didnt have to freak out about it <_< , it couldnt be that bad :mellow:
  14. hello sir, id have to say watever gives higher quality.. but thats just my opinion... nice speaking with you sir
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