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  1. cassie

    richiesta aiuto

    Hola, army63, por favor lée aquí. Hello army63, please read here . *translation completed*
  2. cassie

    primo accesso

    Buenas noches, army63. Bienvenido a los foros. Por desgracia, nadie habla italiano por aquí... si prefieres, puedes hacer comentarios/preguntas en inglés, irlandés o español. Lo único que pedimos es lo intentes. Un saludo. Good evening, army63. Welcome to the forums. Unfortunately, nobody here speaks Italian... if you prefer, you can post your comments/questions in English, Irish or Spanish. The only thing that we ask is that you try. Regards.
  3. cassie

    tracker name column

    Why would you want to do something like this? If the .torrent that you're trying to download isn't registered with any one of those trackers, all that you're going to end up doing is hammer that particular tracker incessantly... until the tracker gets fed up and bans you. By adding more trackers that have possibly never even heard of the torrent that you're trying to download, you're just giving BitComet (and yourself) a bad image and that's not appreciated by anyone. It's like phoning an erroneous number and asking for the same person (whom they don't know, at the other end), over and over again. They're going to get fed up and just hang up on you, until they just won't answer the phone at all.
  4. cassie


    Welcome! 🙂
  5. cassie

    Bitcomet slow down pc

    I am truly sorry... I goofed. I have just corrected it, should you (or anyone else) care to peruse it.
  6. cassie

    Hello All

    You are, my friend, you are... 👍
  7. cassie

    BitComet at TOP

    Congratulations!! 🙂 I'm sure that I can speak on behalf of the Developing Team and, we, the Staff, when I say that your continued support is highly appreciated. Thank you very much! Regards.
  8. cassie

    Bitcomet slow down pc

    @ Shigimatsu Please read here , provide us with the required details, and tell us if any of your settings have changed (or if you've installed any new programs, etc., in your computer).
  9. cassie

    Bitcomet slow down pc

    @ Jonathan, Ermmm... do yourself a favour... watch your language and lower your tone. You come here to ask for help and that's fine...BUT... to come into the forum, provide no details about your setup, yelling (yeah, all in capital letters) and using non-family-oriented language, demanding aid from people that are willing to spend their free time gratuitously aiding others??? Well, that's just not going to happen.
  10. cassie

    Hello All

    Hello and welcome! Wow!... I wish more people seeded to those ratios... 👍
  11. cassie

    Good evening folks

    Hello and welcome, Sepulture! 👋 🙂👋
  12. cassie

    no puedo descargar

    *translation completed*
  13. cassie


    No worries, bit_fan, we all have day (real) jobs and other responsabilities that we have to attend to first. Regards.
  14. cassie


    Welcome!! :)