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  1. Welcome but PLEASE post in English or Spanish only. ( 歡迎,但請發布英文或西班牙文。 )
  2. cassie

    Big Welcome!!

    Hello and welcome! 😊
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    hi guys

    Hello and welcome! :)
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    Hello and welcome to our forums!
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    ¡Muy buenas y bienvenido a nuestros foros!
  6. Google translation: Please post in ENGLISH...
  7. cassie

    BitComet Client Errors

    Have you tried looking at canyouseeme.org? Perhaps you have another (or several) firewall(s) enabled that you're not aware of. Not starting right away is quite normal, with magnet links...it usually takes a little bit longer than a regular torrent that is well-seeded. As for the download speed being higher at the very beginning, that's also quite normal - it's the time that your client is interchanging "handshakes" with other clients and seeing wether you are mutually compatible (reliable, speedy, etc.) with one another.
  8. cassie

    NO puedo loguearme a comet id

    Buenas noches. Ruego que la próxima vez que escribas en español lo hagas en el foro que tenemos para ello... es mucho más fácil detectar cuándo algo necesita ser traducido. Éste post será movido cuando se termine de responder. Foro Español - Spanish Forum Good evening. I beg that the next time you write in Spanish, you do so in the forums that we have for that purpose...it's much easier to detect when something needs to be translated. This post will be moved when it has been answered.
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    We need a funny thread

  10. We, the volunteering Staff at BitComet Forums, are very pleased to announce the promotion of our newest Moderator, Rhubarb, to Tech Support. Please join us in giving him a warm welcome. Congratulations, Rhubarb!! :)
  11. Previous link led to malicious site attack!!

  12. cassie

    Torrent sites Issue

    Don't you just HATE necroposting?? LOL!! :D
  13. cassie

    plugin for private trackers

    This is a demonstration of stubborness (akin a donkey with blinders) that dates back to something that accidently happened over a decade ago and, although it was corrected way back then, some private sites have never wanted to evolve and update themselves (sheer laziness) with updated and proven facts, information and tests performed by renowned and impartial parties. Not much that we can do except what Rhubarb suggested... educate them and ask them to change their policies.
  14. cassie

    Still have a problem

    Please do not open a new thread as a continuation of another one...it'll just make everyone reading it very confused. Keep further posts (assuming that they're about the same issue) in the same thread. *Post merged into Original Thread*
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    Nice to meet you!

    Hello and welcome to the forums! :D