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  1. Wow!... I, too, used to frequent TUS KvCD Group (so did TUUS). Hope you find yourself at home here. :)

  2. Previous link led to malicious site attack!!

  3. xin lỗi tôi không hiểu tiếng Việt

    (I'm sorry, we don't understand Vietnamese)

  4. Tomando el sol en la ventana - Basking in the sun, on the window

  5. Hola, guapo. :)

    Tu web está preciosa (a mi hija le ha gustado la foto de tu "macarramóvil" mucho... jajaja)

    Un abrazo.

  6. Better late than never...

    Happy New Year!!! :P

  7. ¡Saludos Ponchín! :)

  8. Enchantée Oiseau D'amour!

    Bienvenue. :)

  9. Hi there,

    Just perusing through the new overhaul of the forum... pretty nice, huh?


    cassie :)

    PS- my daughter (9 year-old) loves your avatar, lol.

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