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  1. Hi right back ! Welcome to the forums! 😊
  2. More info needed... Don't worry, we don't charge for extra typing..😉
  3. Have you got Long Term Seeding activated, perhaps?
  4. Hi! Yup, I've been using the "little devil" for ages...before its many 'close downs', afterwards (every time they've moved) and, up until quite recently... Of late, I have noticed that the servers and its web are both 'unreachable', so, who knows? Nobody else seems to know either, so I guess we're all in the same boat.
  5. Hola, buenas noches. ¿Te refieres a que tú borras los archivos, una vez se han descargado, o que el programa, en si, los borra (sin tú decirle nada)? ¿Qué otro programa? ¿Instalaste otra versión de BitComet? ¿Cómo tienes el programa configurado (nostros no lo podemos saber, si no nos lo cuentas)? ................................. Hello, good evening. Do you mean to say that you erase/delete the files, once they've finished downloading, or that the actual program does it (without you telling it anything)? What other program? Did you install another version of BitComet? How have you configured the program (we can't know this, unless you tell us)?
  6. Assuming that you obtained CometBird from the official page here, I can't guess what sort of problem you're having (you didn't explain anything specific)... I just tried it and it worked fine for me.
  7. Hi, liqi! Welcome and have a good day, too! 😊
  8. What a refreshing post!! 🙂 Someone is actually taking the time to thank the developers of this marvelous free product instead of complaining or whining about it, in some sort of fashion! 😍😍 On behalf of everyone here (and the devs, over there, of course), you're very welcome and thank you for your continued support!! 🤗
  9. Hello to you, too! Welcome to the forums! 🙂
  10. Hi. Unfortunately, your URL is considered spam (commercial site), which is not permitted on this website... We are a FREE support website for a Free program. Sorry.
  11. It's probably a closed listen port, somewhere in your setup.
  12. If this client is the one that you're using, you should be asking these questions at the uTorrent forums, not here...
  13. Please post in the proper form (not just nilly-willy). Thank you. *topic moved*
  14. Hi, Sometimes this will happen, regardless of your optimum settings. Perhaps there are no peers who have the same download speed as the upload speed that you "offer". Sometimes, it will happen through no fault of yours...you're doing the best that you can. All that you can do is leave it running, hope that someone will join the swarm that you're part of and want to interchange bits with you. Oh, but don't worry about leaving it active for a long period of time (it won't hurt you, in any way)... it's how a torrent manages to "survive" time, itself. :)
  15. Eso mismo ha ocurrido a algunos usuarios. Si no había alguna razón importante para actualizar a la versión 1.53, intenta volver a la 1.52 y ver si tu rango vuelve a donde estaba antes. The same thing has happened to other users. If there wasn't any compelling reason to upgrade to version 1.53, try to revert to v. 1.52 and see if your rank goes back to where it was before.
  16. Hola, army63, por favor lée aquí. Hello army63, please read here . *translation completed*
  17. Buenas noches, army63. Bienvenido a los foros. Por desgracia, nadie habla italiano por aquí... si prefieres, puedes hacer comentarios/preguntas en inglés, irlandés o español. Lo único que pedimos es lo intentes. Un saludo. Good evening, army63. Welcome to the forums. Unfortunately, nobody here speaks Italian... if you prefer, you can post your comments/questions in English, Irish or Spanish. The only thing that we ask is that you try. Regards.
  18. Why would you want to do something like this? If the .torrent that you're trying to download isn't registered with any one of those trackers, all that you're going to end up doing is hammer that particular tracker incessantly... until the tracker gets fed up and bans you. By adding more trackers that have possibly never even heard of the torrent that you're trying to download, you're just giving BitComet (and yourself) a bad image and that's not appreciated by anyone. It's like phoning an erroneous number and asking for the same person (whom they don't know, at the other end), over and over again. They're going to get fed up and just hang up on you, until they just won't answer the phone at all.
  19. I am truly sorry... I goofed. I have just corrected it, should you (or anyone else) care to peruse it.
  20. You are, my friend, you are... 👍
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