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  1. Hi, Mr. Solo (or are you Mr.Kuryakin?)...Welcome!! :D
  2. English only, please. Thank you. TIẾNG ANH chỉ, làm ơn. Cảm ơn bạn.
  3. No, that website will explain how to test your REAL (not what your ISP advertises) Internet speed and how to Port-forward your dedicated port , in order to optimize your BitComet 's performance... Just like we do in our Guides and Tutorials section. I suggest that you read our Guides first, to understand why we recommend allotting 80% of your real internet speed for BitComet and leaving the remaining 20% for using your browser.
  4. You can read about it here, amongst other places in our Guides and Tutorials section.
  5. Since this isn't a Bug Report, this topic is being moved...
  6. To disrespect ANY Staff and/or Member in these forums is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Until further notice, this thread is CLOSED.
  7. Hahaha, glad you were able to solve "the issue".
  8. Hello and welcome to the forums. 😊
  9. Please do NOT post the same query in multiple threads. Once is enough, thank you.
  10. Hello and welcome!
  11. Hello and welcome to the forums!! :)
  12. Wow!... I, too, used to frequent TUS KvCD Group (so did TUUS). Hope you find yourself at home here. :)

  13. Hola, Juan, bienvenido a los foros! ¡ Claro que sí, muchacho, entre todos lo venceremos !
  14. Although it's a bit obvious, don't use uTorrent at the same time as BitComet. Actually, it's a better idea to use a different listening port for each client.
  15. Buenas. ¿Podrías ser uno poco más explícito, para que los desarrolladores entiendan mejor tus observaciones (ellos no hablan español)? Pese a no hablar castellano, sí entienden inglés y, ya que se ve que tú también, puedes explicarte en dicho idioma, si así lo deseas. Good day. Could you be a bit more explicit, so that the developers can better understand your observations better (they don't speak Spanish)? Despite not speaking Spanish, they do understand English and, as can be seen that you do as well, you can explain yourself in said language if you so desire.
  16. Right now (and not wanting to sound sarcastic at all), please provide much, much more information... this is why we ask everyone to read here.
  17. Excuse me?? I'm afraid that "bitcom" (I believe that you mean "bitcoin) has absolutely nothing to do with this client ( downloading application), BitComet. If I am in error, please be so kind as to elaborate further.
  18. Buenas tardes. Has probado buscarlos aquí? Suerte. PD - Cuando escribas en español, se prefiere que lo hagas en el foro correspondiente (Español). Gracias. Good afternoon. Have you tried looking for them here? Good Luck. PS - When you post in Spanish, it's preferred that you do so in the corresponding forum (Spanish). Thank you.
  19. Unfortunately we, at the forums, don't have access to that information. When you set up your new e-mail account, did you export any messages from that old one? Did you give your browser permission to 'save and remember' your old e-mail's password, by any chance? If your answer to the above questions is "no", I'm afraid that you'll just have to use your new address and start anew (unless someone else who is more tech-savvy than I has an alternative).
  20. Buenas y bienvenida. Te sugiero que vayas aquí--> Español (Spanish Members) , donde seguramente te podrás informar mucho mejor. Hello and welcome. I suggest that you head here--> Español (Spanish Members) , where you'll probably be able to become informed much better.
  21. Welcome aboard! 🙂
  22. Hello, Marta, and welcome to the forums! 😊
  23. Estamos un poco confusos... el HTML5 es un protocolo de internet y no un archivo de video. Necesitarías comprobar tu navegador (no tiene nada que ver con BitComet). Existe un test para comprobar la compatibilidad de tu navegador con HTML aquí. Un saludo. We're a bit confused... HTML5 is an internet protocol and not a video file. You would need to test your browser (It has nothing to do with BitComet). There is a test for HMTL5 browser compatability here. Cheers.
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