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  1. By disabling DHT you are limiting the number of possible peers. It works something like your phone... When DHT is disabled, you will only connect to those peers that you have initially called and have replied. When DHT is enabed, however, it's the other peers who initiate the call (towards you) and offer you their bits.
  2. Jenny, PLEASE do not duplicate your post, it will not get you an answer any quicker and it just makes more 'housework' for the staff...
  3. LOL! Yup, although we've moved around a bit (different URLs) over the years, BitComet has always had support forums - some of us have been here all that time. Glad you found us and happy that you've joined us, too. 🙂
  4. Hello and welcome!
  5. I guess the original poster is working on that...
  6. Muy buenas. He buscado por los foros y he encontardo este hilo, donde se nos pregunta lo mismo que te sucede a ti (o, eso pienso). La conclusión que se ha sacado es que tienes que asegurarte de que tu VPN tenga un apartado de "abrir puerto" y, desde ahí, abrir el puerto que usa tu VPN y añadirlo a las Reglas de tu rúter y las Excepciones de tu cortafuegos. Espero que te sea útil. Un saludo. Good day. I've looked around in the forums and I've found this thread, where we're asked the same thing that's happening to you (or, so I think). The conclusion of the conver
  7. Hi, Courtney! Glad to have you. Enjoy!
  8. Are you getting any sort of message when these issues happen?
  9. ¡Hola y bienvenida! Estoy segura de que te gustará el programa. :)
  10. Hi, Mr. Solo (or are you Mr.Kuryakin?)...Welcome!! :D
  11. English only, please. Thank you. TIẾNG ANH chỉ, làm ơn. Cảm ơn bạn.
  12. No, that website will explain how to test your REAL (not what your ISP advertises) Internet speed and how to Port-forward your dedicated port , in order to optimize your BitComet 's performance... Just like we do in our Guides and Tutorials section. I suggest that you read our Guides first, to understand why we recommend allotting 80% of your real internet speed for BitComet and leaving the remaining 20% for using your browser.
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