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  1. Buenas y bienvenida. Te sugiero que vayas aquí--> Español (Spanish Members) , donde seguramente te podrás informar mucho mejor. Hello and welcome. I suggest that you head here--> Español (Spanish Members) , where you'll probably be able to become informed much better.
  2. Welcome aboard! 🙂
  3. Hello, Marta, and welcome to the forums! 😊
  4. Estamos un poco confusos... el HTML5 es un protocolo de internet y no un archivo de video. Necesitarías comprobar tu navegador (no tiene nada que ver con BitComet). Existe un test para comprobar la compatibilidad de tu navegador con HTML aquí. Un saludo. We're a bit confused... HTML5 is an internet protocol and not a video file. You would need to test your browser (It has nothing to do with BitComet). There is a test for HMTL5 browser compatability here. Cheers.
  5. Actually, your best bet is to ask in the private torrent site itself. Often, they will gladly give you tips on reaching and/or maintaining your ratio in good standing.
  6. I, too, have used MacIntosh in the past (even the extremely old Mac Classic) and have never seen "step-by-step" procedures for uninstalling a program from the computer. I'm glad to see that you've seen them, so as not to get confused doing something that In all of the years that Macs have been around (and even, as demonstrated in the video that you so kindly provided everyone with), they have been known to be able to simply grab the application in question and drop it into the waste bin, in order to uninstall practically anything.That has always been Apple's GUI Golden Rule... 'keep all the technical stuff out of view, in order to make the computer as visually user-friendly as possible'. And, as mentioned to you before, Mac users are the rare minority, whilst the Windows users make up more than 99%, so it stands to reason that the majority of help will be offered with those machines in mind. So your quest was definitely not dimissed and an altruistic response was given. Did you expect everyone here to know all of the intricate details of all of the Operating Systems that exist? Do you, as a "mac os guy", know everything about them yourself? Now, who's sitting high and mighty on their high horse?
  7. Ooops!.. In Spanish it's milenio, which, yes, is 'one thousand years' (from 'mila annorum'...I also studied Latin, hehe)... and, like the name of the street where I live (Urano...the planet), the English translation can often be misconstrued, LOL! :D
  8. What?? No Year Zero???... (just kidding, I was born on a year that ended in "0")😄 Yeah, I know.... BUT... there are those that still can't get their heads around how "age" (or an era) works, be it a decade, century or millenium. 😒
  9. Happy New Year to you too, Rhubarb! :) ...and of course, to everyone else! :D
  10. Memoria Demonoid et legatum ad continue - To the memory of Demonoid, the legacy will continue Well it seems that the once-famous site is still trying to appease its long-time users. Sadly, its founder, Deimos, died in a car accident in August 2018, and that's basically when everyone that used the site started to wonder whether it had disappeared for good. According to TorrentFreak and Technadu, the Old Staffers have wanted to open, yet another site, not to replace the original one but to keep its founder's legacy alive. To all of those old-time users, they'll have to Register anew, as though they were new members - whenever Registrations are open (at the time of this posting, I checked, but found them closed). If and when anyone succeeds in registering (or glimpses of when Registrations are open), please be so kind as to give a 'heads up'. Regards.
  11. Hola y bienvenido a los foros! Si me das unos días (ahora mismo estoy saturada en el trabajo), te enviaré un PM/MP y te 'encamino'. Mientras tanto, podrías echarle un vistazo a nuestros Tutoriales que, aunque son para versiones antiguas, las bases son las mismas que para las versiones actuales. Un saludo.
  12. Bob left work one Friday evening. But it was payday, so instead of going home, he stayed out the entire weekend partying with his mates and spending his entire wages. When he finally appeared at home on Sunday night, he was confronted by his angry wife and was barraged for nearly two hours with a tirade befitting his actions. Finally his wife stopped the nagging and said to him, "How would you like it if you didn't see me for two or three days?" He replied, "That would be fine with me." Monday went by and he didn't see his wife. Tuesday and Wednesday came and went with the same results. But on Thursday, the swelling went down just enough where he could see her a little out of the corner of his left eye.
  13. Wow! You say in your first post (in another section) that you've been using BitComet since 1998, but it's initial release was in 2003. You've only just registered in the forums and have already made THREE (not two) posts in the first 24 hours. Then you proclaim your indignation at not being replied to in the first 48 hours? A bit haughty, don't you think? Being such a long-time user, of course, you must know well enough that everyone from the Developers to the Staff in all of the Forums (English-speaking and non-English-speaking) are ALL volunteers (read as not paid) who altruistically donate their spare time to read through each and every post made and offer aid (time permitting, of course, as most everyone has regular day jobs, families and personal responsibilities to tend to) to those seeking it. Of course, you must also be aware that not everyone who reads and/or views a post is able to reply, in order to please the original poster... specially after perceiving such a "you-owe-it-to me" attitude. Bear in mind that one catches many more flies with honey than with vinegar, the next time you "ask" for free support for a program that is also free. Regards.
  14. @ Dano219, Please do NOT make duplicate posts in the forums. Thank you.
  15. That, right there, is what's blocking BitComet's traffic... a blocked port. You'll have to look at your firewall /s (could be in your router, if you haven't established a fixed IP address) and see which one/s is/are causing the blockage.
  16. That's actually happened to me a couple of times!!... Although it was my index finger and thumb to a pair of tweezers, believe it or not!... LOL!!
  17. The majority of us just bookmark our favourite sites in our browser and just access them from there... saves time, effort and bandwidth.
  18. Buenas noches. Muchas gracias por sus alentadoras y amables palabras. Nosotros también hemos estado bastante contentos y satisfechos con este fabuloso programa (y, además, gratuíto) durante muchos años. Esperamos que todos nuestros usuarios también estén tan contentos y sigan usando BitComet. Good evening. Thank you very much for your encouraging and kind words. We, also, have been quite happy and satisfied with this fabulous program (and, also, free) during many years. We hope that all of our users are also as happy and will continue using BitComet.
  19. We all were, at one point... Hello, right back! 😊
  20. I'm sorry, I don't understand what you are asking? Could you please explain a little more?
  21. I'm sorry, but this forum is for issues that you may be having with the actual BitComet program. We do NOT host files (of any type) in these forums. *Topic closed*
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