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  1. first I want to say you are very rude in the screen shot at the bottom left hand side above my level and score the percent is infinity% can you please help thank you
  2. what yacuza is trying to say in the comments(which is next to the start page) when you are downloading a film the user name is mr DenHarrow but it was 3 years ago the film was terminal 720p from yify
  3. so sorry It just took some time to log in,I think the hamster was busy hehehe so sorry about that
  4. sorry my mistake had problems with my computer
  5. I think the sever is down so please don't send msgs about cant log on because this is the reason why you cant sign into comit id you cant still download and UPLOAD
  6. server is online now but you only get 20 points
  7. I have that also I think 20points a day is the norm but I have been stuck on 63% for the last 2 days even thought im getting points.Another thing I noticed you get all the 20points in one go not like before when you would get 2points per hour.I upload 5gig an hour,normally between 50 to 80gig a day
  8. we need a new hamster any offers lol
  9. i think the hamster has been tired this year
  10. i think it has just gone down again
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