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  1. Hi, got some free time (this is rare as I'm working late) Yeah still using SP3 for W2K. I've got no issue with SP3 till now and download speed are top notch even with 3 peers and ADSL 128k. My moto is 'Never change a winning team'. Its is not always the case but I stick to it and got lots of lessons in the past. so........ Anyway Bitcomet 0.70 still rocks. Cheers :lol:
  2. Hi all, Using Kerio Personal Firewall + Kaspersky Antivirus and ewido anti spyware Solved the issue Regards
  3. Hi, I'm getting problems when using Kaspersky Security Suite and Peer Guardian 2. The latter crashes after some timedon't know why. I left bitcomet a whole day to download and it dowloaded only 204 KB. Strange!!! Tried tweaking the firewall but in vain. Then I noticed that peer guardian was crashing. So decided to removed it. And guess what Bitcomet was running like charm. Still testing. Just letting you know and if someone got the same problem.... Regards ;) Changed to Kerio Personal Firewall + Kaspersky Antivirus + ewido anti-spyware Perfect combination. Trust me I've tried many others. Don't know if there are more working security combination. Anyway if you find any please sahre with others Regards
  4. Hi, I'm getting the updates. But last time I installed SP4 for W2K all screwed up. No modem No dial up nothing. nvm will try to install it again :mellow: I've installed Kaspersky firewall. Trying to configure it now
  5. Hi guys, I'm using w2k sp3. Didn't know Zonealarm was crap. It was easy fro for me to configure that's why I chose it. If you say so then I'll scrap it for sure and make some more tests Thanks
  6. Hi, Me too same problem under Win2K. Is it the new version? Regards
  7. Hi, I've got a problem with Bitcomet. When the program is not running my internet connection is idle. However when I run Bitcomet even though no torrents are running the connection activity is very high. When I close bitcomet again it stops. I have Zone Alarm Firewall but I don't think its causing any problems (Getting both remote and local peers) What I've noticed is that i'm getting slow download speeds and ZA sometimes tells me that Bitcomet is trying to send some mails, of course I denied. Isn't it strange that Bitcomet is traying to send mails. Of course not the usual Crash report mails( This one is working perfectly but its sending mails directly. Also the program crashed twice. This is how I know the mails bitcomet was trying to send were not crash reports. Am I being hijacked or something like that through Bitcomet? Could anyone help me out? Thanks
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