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  1. Ok so i have an older pc Specs: Win 7 3Ghz dual core processor 2Gb RAM <_< 256 Mb graphics memory 300mbps wireless modem at 5Ghz So what to buy under $80 to help make my computer good enough for MW3?
  2. bitcomet 1.30 DSL Linksys 300mbps router Netgear 300mbps wireless adapter ports are forwarded windows 7 pro speedtest: download 2.9mbps upload .9mbps
  3. lol sorry... i was just asking if this was normal or not..... and if its not what am i doing wrong
  4. ok so before i say anything i want to tell you my specs: Linksys E3200 modem at 300mbps Netgear 300mbps wireless adapter I usually upload at max 30kbps (after downloading i get max 60kbps) All of my ports are unblocked... please help
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