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  1. ah okay thanks a lot for ur help. il try putting in a seed request
  2. those r a couple screen shots of 2 different torrents I am trying to download. I just turned my computer on so I'll wait and see if it starts downloading this time, but it still says "connecting" so far. Thankyou
  3. Hi, so I tried using method 1 of the http://wiki.bitcomet.com/using_bitcomet_to_download_torrents tutorial which was to directly download from website. However on step 1.3, nothing changed for a long time so i checked the status and it still said "connecting." I was wondering if I was doing something wrong? I use BitComet 1.31, my modem is actiontec 1000H, I use Windows Vista, my firewall is Windows Defender, my anti-virus is avast!. Any amount of information would be helpful. Thankyou
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