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  1. Oh well, because I read the rules and I didn't see anything about this: bump =/
  2. This isn't a problem, but a question. I've seen this in 2 torrents now and I am wondering what it means, since I don't know how to make it go away. Sometimes, around a task's download info, appears a yellow and black rectangle. What does it mean? Can someone tell me please? Sorry if you don't understand the description. If you don't, I will find a way to make it more clear for you (a pic maybe?). Well Thanks in advance ^^
  3. I think that if you want good translations to be made, 2 or more ppl from different countries should work on one language (if possible), to avoid as much as "slang" words (words used almost only in one country) as possible. I NEVER download (or at least not on purpose...) programs in Spanish, because the terms are words that are never used (or rarely) and are somehow unnacurate. 2 people can make sure they don't use words the other partner doesn't find fitting. Well just to mention that. I think you should have that in mind when choosing teams, it could mean a better translation in overall. I am a newcomer and even if this is my first post outside the Suggestions Board, I think I could help. I am from Venezuela, the spanish there doesn't have any strong accents like ppl from Argentina or Spain (which I noticed cassie is from). Well if you need one more person to work in the spanish translation, I could help XD
  4. ... ic, that would indeed be, messed up XD *changes his torrents' config to not Disable any of the episodes within* You explained it very nicely, worthy of being in a faq or something. A warning could say somewhere in the site or... somewhere, "Avoid disabling files within torrents when possible because [reasons stated in this topic], which affects overall speed", it would be for the better good I think, many more ppl could be doing that unconciously like I was. Well, Thanks a lot for the help ^^
  5. But.. wouldn't it be a matter of automatically change priorities from Disabled to Highest/High/Normal systematically? =(
  6. First of all, hi everyone. I recently thought of something and that it was worthy of registering here and share it =P Anyways, let me explain with an example. Lets say I download a torrent file, that has the episodes of [insert Random series here] from... 1 to 40 Now, when I am downloading many torrents at the same time, but I want one of them to get dled at the time, then when finished, proceed with the next one, you can configure your settings so it downloads one torrent at a time. So that when you end one, it goes into the next one in the list. So my point is, it would be very helpful if you could do the same WITHIN torrents. So that it downloads first Episode 1, then 2, then 3, but not all of them at the same time, one by one. That way you can see the episodes as they finished to download, in order. With the newest Bitcomet (0.70), the best you can do to achieve this is to check the files in the torrent, and change the priorities of ALL the files to Disabled (Banned), with the exception of the first file. But that's too manual and you would have to have an eye on the torrent all day >_> Anyways, it would be more... handy. I don't know if other torrent clients have this because I've ALWAYS used Bitcomet (and its great! Big thanks and cheers to the Bitcomet Team ^^). But if this feature is to be implemented, it would be pretty awesome, in my opinion. =3 Well that's it, what do you think? XD
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