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  1. I have VPN connection to my provider. Will it help you suggest me what to do to solve my problem? =)
  2. Well, the situation is clear for me now I've used this: P2P Port Test Checks ports for many popular P2P protocols http://www.whatsmyip.org/port-scanner/ And got this. So, I think BitComet is not OK for me, because BitComet needs an additional ports, which are blocked by my provider. Am I right? =)) Today I was told that I need uTorrent or similar, cause they do not using an additional ports...
  3. Thank you.. I'm going to read.,.. :) ================================================== By the way.. I forgot about wwdc.exe. I closed some ports with help of wwdc.exe. Green = ports closed. Could it be the reason of problem No.2?
  4. It is the the same my client new BitComet 1.31 with Russian language. I forgot change to English.About screen 2 - I've changed language to English for your clear understanding. A little bit understood but not of all. =( Should I check this box to making movie's screen-shots for others people with BitComet client? Isn't it? =) Negative. I haven't firewall. For example. Last 3 years I've used mTorrent 1.82/2.0 and haven't such messages. Never... I have direct optical fiber Internet connection only. No routers. No firewall. May be some kind of mistake inside of BitComet's IP Filter?
  5. When I received a problem #2, I've immediately delete ESET Smart Security 4 with a firewall - which I had for the last 5-6 years, do not feel fear for me, everything is OK. ESET Smart Security 4 has been deleted to be sure, that ESET is not the reason of my problem 2. Capito? =)) So, the situation with ESET now clear as a good day. ESET is not a reason. I'll give it back within next 2 days upon clear the problem... I haven't others firewalls in my electronic brain/computer for now;)) Waiting for the clear reply to my problems. Thanx. ____________________________________________________
  6. -Hello to all from Moscow,;-) Yesterday I've installed a new last BitComet Version 1.31 (2011.12.12) I used mutorrent before for the last 3 years. BitComet is much better for me and my comp. More speedy... Here some details about me in advance. I have read this http://www.cometforums.com/forum-5/announcement-1-read-this-before-posting 1. I have direct optical fiber Internet connection - 50 mb. No routers 2. I do not have Firewall and Antivirus 3. Windows XP + SP3. So, I have two simple questions. 1. Why for all downloaded movies are not possible the preview footage? I've downlo
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