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  1. Dear GreyWizard. yes PowerDVD does Dual Subtitles. But I am running a Mac Air and PowerDVD is a Windows only software (I own version 11 ultra). So I run PowerDVD with Parallels Desktop 7 (A virtual Machine). DVD are barely acceptable with a fps around 3 to 5 (Frames per seconds). MPC does a better job with fps around 15 (so there is fluidity in watching DVD Discs). The best, of course, would be running a nativa Mac DVD player with dual subtitles. There are more than 50 available in the market, NONE of them (including VLC-MAC, Splayer, OPlayer, UMPlayer, Movist, XBMC, iPlayer) can play dual subtitles... I am so frustrated. Any more suggestions? Any Mac DVD player can play dual subtitles ? Thanks Paolo
  2. Dear Kluelos You are probably right, but as I am not a techie, I would love if someone can step in and guide me in this process: how to extract subtitles from my DVD (or even download from internet) and then make the video player run dual subtitles, the first one, on the bottom of the screen, already encoded in the DVD and the second one, extracted or downloaded, on the top of the screen, obviously in sync each other with the spoken words. Thanks a lot! Paolo
  3. Dear Kluelos I understand, but MPCStar was advertised in the download page as one of the few player capable to display dual subtitle and even giving you the possibility to choose the position of the subtitles on the screen... Very strange right? Thanks a lot Paolo
  4. Another feature which I am not sure is implemented but I would like very much: a button to skip ahead (fast forward) 5secs or 10secs and the same for fast rewind (5 or 10 secs) Thank you and waiting for your answer Paolo
  5. I forgot to mention that I would like to see your Video Player MPCstar 5.4 on MAC. Is it possible? are you planning such an update? Thank you Paolo
  6. Dear developer How to display the dual (secondary) subtitles on DVD Discs ? In fact: subtitle > subtitle setting panel > always GREYED I can display the main subtitle (e.g. ENGLISH) on the bottom of the screen. But the, the secondary or dual subtitle? How to display it? My DVD discs, I have verified, they contain have at least 3 subtitles in the disc: ENGLISH, FRENCH, CHINESE. I wish to dislplay the main subtitle (ENGLISH) at the bottom (I can do this) and the secondary subtitle (CHINESE) at the top of the screen. Thank you a lot! Paolo
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