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  1. well it worked for awhile but its out again.............. server error try again later. and i have not recieved any time extention as of yet
  2. ok i will take your advice on this if you are going to be present at this meeting push hard for us please
  3. mine is operational as well. so dont try to work anything out with yaoyaohuan8. for lost time. just ask for refund from paypal. and will this action result in the loss of any remaining GB i have left?
  4. mine is operational as well. when will my time extention take effect? any word on that info yet?
  5. i personally have 85GB in 30 days to be used. can anyone there garuantee that a development personel will be back to adjust my lost days before it expires?
  6. yaoyaohaun8 afk for a month.............? that looks like a dead end street to me.

    1. cassie


      I don't look at what the forums stats say, as there are other sections that are only visible to the Staff.

      Queenieq left her position as Admin. (and official liasion between Oriental and Occidental forums), way back in July 2014 and Yaoyaohaun8 took her place - although the entire team in China is off on National Holidays, at the moment.

      If you prefer, you can contrast this information with The UnUsual Suspect.

  7. going on two weeks still not fixed and i did leave a message with the new lady in charge of thing like this but she hasnt hit me back yet.
  8. hello i keep getting a server error message when attempting V.I.P.. we both know that this is time sensitive so will i be getting an extention on my days after exspiration date? ..........rbrums Transaction ID: 00F588562B040490E

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