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  1. I am running Bicomet v 1.37 64 bit on the latest version of windows 8. When I start a task, it will connect freeze, and then restart. It seems as if every time I click on anything it freezes for about 1 minute windows says it is not responding and then it begins to work again for a few minutes. Have reinstalled twice, also have virus scanned hard drive. Please help.
  2. Ok I see about the Pming zerojinn I've done that already and if i get it my bandwith back cool and if not the five bucks is definitely a worthy donation to me, but if I may make a suggestion, the instructions on how to use the service should be a bit more detailed. I never realized that you had to actually click on the vip header to the left (BC ver 1.31) to see the actual download channels. I still have two that are ready to download even though i finished those tasks weeks ago. Also, you should have the option to cancel whenever you feel like it. Its your bandwith that you paid for and be it five mins, five days, or five weeks later you should have the option to cancel it and have that bandwith restored if you haven't actually used it. that would avoid a lot of confusion. And to everyone else whos whining about this get over it!!! these ppl have invested a lot of time and money so that we can use their service for free so in that same spirit of sharing pay your 5 or 20 bucks and if you dont like it dont get it again. I mean really 20 bucks for the tons and tons of free files you would have had to go to the store and buy if it wasn't for BTComet and Co. Think about it.....thank you so much BT staff and devolopment team you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I have used bitcomet for quite some time, and thought I would finally try the vip service. It never worked on my downloads. The channel would constantly be preparing but never accelerate my download. The downloads finish long before the 24 hour period is up, thus negating the ability to click on the vip icon and restore your bandwith. Comet admins i love your work and the 5 bucks is a small price to pay for the greatness that is bitcomet but i still feel a little ripped off. 10 gigs of accelerated bandwith is gone now and I didn't recieve one single byte of data from your channels....what gives?
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