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  1. Hi, Let's say I have my bitcomet running on my home computer. And then I go outside, meet my friend and so on (and so on....) I wonder if I could check my bitcomet tasks while I am outside~~ it would be even better if I could actually add, stop, and delete task (only without deleting the file) while I am on it~~ Is it possible? I have tried that "remote download" feature, but I can't seem to make it work~~ I tried accessing the webpage from my blackberry or my other computer (with different internet isp) and nothing works, basically the webpage is blocked (while it works fine if I access the webpage from the computer that does the bitcomet downloading task) Thanks for reading:)
  2. Hi, I am new to the forum, while I am a long time bitcomet user~~ particularly, there are some questions I need answer, that;s the reason why I am here~~ soooo, hello everyone!:) nice knowing you all:) PS: And this is funny: It has been like almost 5 years I have been using bit comet, and today, I just knew that there is something called "cometID"
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