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  1. Oh this would be so cool considering i now switched to linux and i cant get emulators to work yet. If i ever get good enough in programming (it may take a while) i would put my hand in this kindof project but i am a long ways from being descent ;)
  2. Actually it wouldnt take much to script.. knowing what i know. First you need a shell script to windows so when you right click on a file, you could select something like "Download with BitComet". Also, the BitComet team could also have an option in bitcomet to make all HTTP downloads instant download through bitcomet. Now for simplicity, first one would just implement the HTTP download as if it only has one seeder - the address. If all goes well, later down one could look into how to pull off HTTP downloads as P2P. I have no clue on that one yet, but i might get a general idea someday ;)
  3. Could we eventually add the feature of downloading HTTP files through BitComet as well? It would really help me manage all of my downloads off the web and possibly other peoples as well. I am just thinking this: BitComet - The Ultimate Download Manager :D Can we do that please!?!
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