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  1. pretty bad, as i think the current version does not support 10bit / Hi10P anime videos.
  2. you could always try videolan i use it with comet instead of mpcstar http://www.videolan.org/vlc/features.html
  3. :D the picture had to be taken out, damn those dictators lol
  4. I come for Cultural Learnings of bitcomet for Make Benefit Glorious Kazakhstan I sell my wife and 12 goats. nice to meet you :D ***Photo removed at discretion of staff***
  5. i'll try to help step 1, just follow the images step 2, final step 3, notice your router modem will not be the same as mine, check google for your model how to do this the web interface add and remove torrents through the torrent interface thats about it
  6. install mediainfo http://sourceforge.net/projects/mediainfo/ check what Audio / VIdeo Codec Used, find a codec pack or use mpcstar.com to play that video. or install videolan or kplayer this is very optional get it from usenet instead of bitorrent network :) , download binreader.com , visit just4today.net provides free login every day, visit https://www.nzb.cc/ little tip, you sould probably look for this nzb Heartbeat Season 2 "Heartbeat season 2" Heartbeat season 2\HB.S02E02.avi by CPP-gebruiker@domein.nl (alf1972) in a.b.dvd a.b.boneless - 300 days ago - 3531 MB notice just4today.net provides retention around 20 days i think not sure, you could always try it. :D there is the IRC way, hmm many ways lol
  7. looks like his UDP ports were closed, thus getting no tracker status open your UDP ports in your firewall, and router modem
  8. most ISP limit upload to 34kb/sec limit your comet like this upload limit - 15kb/sec download - unlimited if your still having problems like when comet is downloading but you can't use the internet. this means you need to lower your upload limit . this should be the most basic ever, upload limit - 10kb/sec download limit - 150kb/sec ---- > deppends if your ISP provides a faster speed you need to split this comet vs your normal browsering such as visiting youtube, reading news cnn etc this is no more then 150kb/sec thats about it, on a side note when i allow full upload speed of 34kb/sec i can't even browse the internet, when i limit it to 15kb/sec i can do everything :) hope that helps
  9. can you add the play button on the hover panel ? Preview download mode button ?
  10. you have to install Arabic fonts and language support from your Win 7 CD or xp , like Windows XP Install Extra languages and keyboard language, after this you reboot your computer. and should be working. had this problem long time ago.
  11. hello, can mpcstar update its ffdshow pack to the latest with WebM support. thank you
  12. Videolan Provides ActiveX Plugin which can be embed within browser through object javascript , install vlc 2.0 do a full install with the plug-in during videolan setup. and check that git page https://github.com/r...net/VLCcontrols the javascript code to embed on html is there. example of working vlc 2.0 plugin firefox 10
  13. there is already such a thing on seeder.us and torrentstream.com Torrent Streaming through VLC browser plugin the source code is located here http://www.p2p-next.org/index.php?page=publication&mid=7586E4D8913DA73AFEC9F5DE4B1AFCB1&id=61CB8A31DCA6C0C3EB2C91A79FA96B18
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