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  1. Finally!! After years of googleing, reading this forum, etc, I had already given up and turned off the subtitles in the MPCStar, and installed ffdshow to put subtitles in yellow when I read the post about arabic subtitles and I figured out how change the color of the subtitles. If u press ctrl-i, to see the file properties info, u can change the directvobsub settings and change the color there. why this is not in the options or subtitles panel? was very difficult to find the place where you guys put these settings and did not find any help talking about where to modify.
  2. Hi, is there any way to change subtitles color from white to yellow?
  3. Hi, Fisrt, sorry for my poor english. I would love if the Vasy solution become implemented, and I hate when I press the spece key to stop the film and "fill the whole window" is set back again then I need press ~ to put back in "fit to window" or change to "original AR" on every file. I dont find a way to keep "original AR" default.
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