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  1. Wow - didnt realise my small problem was such an issue. I did forget to say that it all started with magnet links - my bad - sorry! I still have the problem but i just notice what the file extension is and just add it to the filename. No big deal - as has been said - more of an annoyance! If it gets fixed then great - if not.. now worries!
  2. Yeah that solved it thanks! - Cant believe i didnt look at that first. Weird how it changed automatically though as with 1.31 it was fine? Hey ho - all sorted.. Thanks!!!
  3. Hey all, weird one this - I have just upgraded to 1.32 and i noticed with files lately (using the magnet system) - that when they were completed, they had no extension ie mp4/avi etc..and such windows didnt know what to do with them? When the properties box comes up for the first time, the details about the file are correct - it just doesnt transfer it to the filename section above it? If i look at the file and see it is an mp4 - i just add the extension to it and all is well. It didnt do it with 1.31 though?? Not a major problem, just an annoyance - but hey its damn good free software so no
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