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  1. Whenever I add a torrent using a Magnet link, It just hangs, or lag for 10-20 Seconds. Then it starts to work again. I have an SSD.. At the same time, I can see my Disk uses it only up to 2-3% With the processor uses up to 10-20 % , It's as usual for my proecessor... Clock at 3.00GHZ ? What could be the problem.. I'm on 64Bit with the latest Setup!
  2. Sometime you may be wont be able to connect to peers who can use your upload speed, so dint worry just keep the files in upload mode and someone will find you to serve for him.. in my case i ways have more then 2000KBPS upload and download speed but i have maximum upload speed went to 800KBPS. Its because i dont have enough peers to download from my pc and can use my entire upload speed. that why i turn onn all the uploads at night and leave it for the morning.. Some how i upload around 40-50GB each night.. :D
  3. As you have mentioned above about your green light, I can provide you a solution as per your situation ... you said that the when you turnoff the Windows Firewall you see green light comes up then the port forwarding is properly set on your router, The thing is that you need to open a Inbound rule for the specific port you are using on bit comet, after this you will see the green light come back.. Now 99.9% downloading can be cause by various things, Some of them have already mentioned above by other users. My guess is that you are not getting the last chunk of files from your seeders.. you can use Seedr.com to download files up to 8GB into the cluod storage and download then back into your pc using IDM or any download client.. Its free service but you need to do some of the task like sharing in Facebook page to obtain 8GB of storage free forever, Im using this scene 2 years.. if you want my id for some time i am ready to share with you.. Message me..
  4. Look, VPN services are encrypted and sometime data get loss over the internet and also your traffic is going through a new channel to a completely new destination over VPN so you are adding one more stop to your data.. So it could be little slower.. Without VPN --> Point A to POINT B --> With VPN --> point A to POINT B to Point C Where point a is ur pc and point b is the server that you are connecting to.. its common that speed will be decreased.. Dont worry..
  5. I am agree with the answer of @Neil_Hines , But let me explain you why does the LAG happens while seeding over the torrent and playing Online Multiplayer games.. While you surf the internet you mostly use your Download Bandwidth, And a little bit of uploading.. when you play games you use equal amount of download and upload Bandwidth because you have to specify your position on a game to the game server so that other players can see where you are going and what you are doing in a game.. when using bit comet it uses a huge bandwidth both uploading and downloading.. so your game Latency and ping will be increases and you will see LAG in your game, Its better to turn off any downloading client before ruing the games like cs -GO or PUBG or Overwatch.. Bit-comet uses Lt seeding if you have a account on bit comet.. It means even if there is no files are right active and seeding then also bit comet seed the files due to LT-Seeders, By default it always stays ON but you can turn it off on settings.. Its better to exit from any downloading client on computer before starting any Multiplayer game.. Best of Luck
  6. The Speeed Column use smart technology, It changed to KB to MB whenever it reaches to 1024KBPS.. This is for good .. let me explain.. let us take a example here, Im downloading a file with the speed of 600KBps and the the Meter set to MB then it will show in MB which a common user cant see the exact download speed .If the speed show in KB then then user definitely have a accurate knowledge of his download speed.. So when the Speed increased above 1024KBps then the speed meter automatically changes from KB to MB and then changed to MB to KB if speed decreases from 1MBPS... Hope you got the answer.. :D
  7. I was wonderting too about this issue.... Finally solved to a Good Improvements.. Keep it up Guys..
  8. If you want to download an Selective file from a torrent then follow the instructions below. 1. GO to torrent Main page 2. Right click on the torrent and go to properties 3. Then go to "Download Order" TAB 4. Then Tick on Enable "Customized file download Order" 5. then Select the arrange files in the way you want to download them by using Move UP and Move Down Buttons.. 6. After doing all arrangements press on oK button and you are ready to go.. I have attached the images below for you, Images number defines the steps i have mentioned above in the post.. Hope this will help you, If it dosn't then please reply back..
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