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  1. I'm in bangi rite now, n where r u ? why u got no problem ? um.. in bangi and kajang still got no speed for torrent and p2p.. suck TMnut!!
  2. i've do that..i use port range 40000 - 59999 but still got under 10kbps. i use pakage 1 megabit down/ up 512 but my torrent doesnt reach 80kbps or something. TMnut really block all torrent port and posibble port for user use p2p or torrent. but i read in lowyat forum they use payable tunnel or proxy. i dont know how to use that and can someone give suggestion about choosing tunnel and proxy that can help us. Also i need to know free proxy that useable for torrent and p2p. Please ..
  3. i read a thread in Putera.com forum, they also have problem with BT n P2P, but TMnut only block certain port only. i dont know what port they block. anyone here have any suggestion about choosing port in bitcomet so that we'll solve this problem. i try to use port 4000 - 59999 but i still got no power. um.. such a pity
  4. i don't know this before but i've read some thread in lowyat forum that Telekom upgrading their service for 4 mbps pakage. Also they still converted Ipv6, they claimed because of that torrent and p2p got no power. I ever face before but for 2 days only. But now almost 2 week. This is suck... :(
  5. i've reset it but still can't xs router page. when i try on the router no status led blinking. power yes adsl yes. but still can't use internet.
  6. Thanks for replying i've tried to update firmware to my DLINK DSL 504T router modem. this router use in asia or other place only not US. but something happen that i can't get status LED lamp blinking and i cannot xcess page router also. i know i do something wrong with firmware and i dont know how to fix it to change firmware to stock back. Anyone know how to restore the previous firmware ?? help me..
  7. I've read in bitcomet forum that zte zxdsl 831 listed in bad modem list.. but that the only one modem i have except DSL 504T but i not use it because timeout
  8. Mostly, broandband pakage in malaysia 512kbit n 1mbit use modem ZTE zxdsl 831. And i use it now, before this i use D-LINK dsl 504T at my home and my bitcomet average speed about 20kbps (3 pc use p2p torrent) but something happen that my Dsl 504t and i dont know why it time out after 2 hours online.Before , i always reconnect after 6 hours. So i plug out rj 11 at DSL 504T and connect it to ZTE zxdsl 831 (ISP give when register pakage). Form ZTE i connect it to my DSL 504T and make it only for network. Everthing ok i got full speed when download through FTP and video streaming but My bitcomet
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