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  1. I appreciate the response, however, that does NOT seem to do it. I tried turning off McAfee AND Windows Defender … and the same thing happens with every download attempt. A virus has been detected and the file deleted. Somehow, I finally got 1.57 (before 1.58 was available) to download a week or two ago … but after a few days McAfee (or SOMETHING) deleted the software from my computer. Any ideas?
  2. I am a LONG-TIME user of Bit Comet and don't recall having ever run into this issue before. At some point in the past 24 hours McAfee detected SOMETHING in the software and disabled my ability to run the software. I uninstalled it. I just went to download it within the past few minutes and WHILE DOWNLOADING McAfee detect a "virus" and aborts and deletes download. Is this a known issue?
  3. Got a message warning me about this when I started Bit Comet. Told me to restore downloads.xml from bk (backup file). I did that. It didn't help. Any OTHER suggestions? Thanks.
  4. I have been using bit comet for years, yet have no idea how to: << Also check if you have a lot of dropped data or if you have repeated hash failures on the same piece in your log.>> Could you please tell me how? Thanks. Just had another movie stop at 99.9% .. a well seeded YIFI copy also from TPB. Thanks.
  5. The "seeders/leechers" numbers come from the torrent sharing site (in this case, TPB). The 99.7% downloaded (and other ones not even starting) comes from bit comet.
  6. For example, now I am trying to download The Truman Show ... with 15 seeders and no leechers ... should be a quick, easy download. However, it hasn't started for hours. Is there something *I* can do to kickstart it? A few days ago, I started Frida (2002) ... it stalled at 99.7%, and hasn't moved for over 2 days (despite showing 4 seeders and no leechers). Suggestions/ideas? Thanks.
  7. I just got a new computer today ... which offered the option of upgrading to Windows 10 during set up, which I did. One movie downloaded, and the rest aren't. AND I have been unable to "sign in" all day (from the Bit Comet software).
  8. Why am I getting the "diamond" symbol next to a torrent (that is well seeded) rather than a down arrow? This has started to happen within last couple of days... What can I do to get rid of them and start the download? Thanks.
  9. I have several movie and tv show torrents that won't start downloading. Each has 25-200 seeders, and few, if any, leechers. Yet they won't start. Any ideas? When I download a piece of software (like update for Adobe Flash Player) it starts immediately and downloads quickly. Please help.
  10. The point I was trying to convey is that it was a Windows operation that was supposed to reset all settings, but not delete any personal files or software. The partially downloaded files are still there. But I don't see anything in BitComet (as are the files that had completed downloading).
  11. I did a system refresh on my computer (that was SUPPOSED to have left all of my software installed - but of course it ended up wiping all of my software). After reinstalling bitcomet,the progress of downloaded filed is no longer showing. Any suggestions or Is gone forever?
  12. I assume I would have to find and open each torrent, one at a time? I only ask I as I had 30+ at various stages of download.
  13. I have a fairly new ASUS laptop. Was having some relatively minor problems with it. ASUS advised me to do a "PC setting refresh" which they claimed would only change the settings back to factory original (and would not affect any software I installed). The instructions during the process also stated that my installed software would not be affected. However, all my software was deleted. After I reinstalled Bit Comet ... the progress of all downloaded files (partially or fully) was no longer displayed .. the files are all still there in the c:\downloads directory. Any thoughts on how to get that info to be displayed again? Thanks.
  14. It's been this way for about a week. Score appears to be correct on cometid.com. How many weeks might it take to show/update in the software?? Thanks.
  15. After I finally completed the last experience level for "colonel", my experience level reset to "0%" (as would be expected), but my level and title are now blank, and my experience isn't changing with activity (and that percentage, of course, normally goes up with activity). Any ideas? Thanks.
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