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  1. hmmm...thats wierd then...my computer can get this problem even i just leave it alone and even it is not hot .when playing games my computer is more hot than this but never freeze. my current laptop is core 2 duo,4gb ram
  2. im using Windows Media Player 12 of Windows 7.Im sorry im wrong in the information.Its not that music freeze but pc freeze.I can actually see the mouse freeze for very short time.It wont occur when bitcomet is fully terminated.
  3. my DMA was enabled.any other suggestion?
  4. damn it it just occured twice after i posted this post where i didnt even do anything
  5. Version: Bitcomet(64-bit) 1.32 Stable Release OS:Windows 7 x64 Memory:4gb The only thing i cant bear when using bitcomet is that my music will randomly freeze for like 1 sec if bitcomet is running(in taskbar/just running in background).By randomly i meant sometimes it occur 1~2 times in 20 sec and sometimes just once in 30 min.The problem is not just when bitcomet is downloading,it occur even when bitcomet is not downloading.Im sure this is not the problem of memory as my other pc with just 1.5gb ram windows XP x86 can run without problem(particullaly DON'T freeze my music) Im not sure whether this is the problem of OS as the problem occur in my other pc using clean installed windows 7 x64 too. Other than that,i cant find Download with BitComet in my right click menu in Google Chrome.
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