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  1. Actually, I've been able to play my 10 bit vids for a long time, but you do have a point with the MPC being brighter/sharper. According to the forum you have to tweak the filters. My guess is that <PC use Haali Media Splitter, giving it that better look. I might be wrong, but if you have any suggestions, share please.
  2. Thanks SO MucHH!!Been really helpful!!!!
  3. So I uninstalled the K-Lite and turned on the luminous fix to make it feel brighter and the full range. The pics look better, but do you know any more settings I can use to make it look better, or what do you use?
  4. Well I basically installed CCCP Codec and I also have K-Lite pack, and according to the video decoder config, all the visible filters are there. From AviSynth to Warpsharp. I think it only has an effect on the MPC but not on Tigerplayer. Any advise?
  5. Installed MPCStar and Media Player Classic, wanting to try both and see which was better, and the difference is that MPC has a sharper picture than MPCStar. When I tinkered with the video settings of MPCStar, I still wasn't able to get the same sharp picture as MPC. Any advise on what settings I should use? Preferably values.. And when is an update going to come out. The player hasn't been updated since last year. Makes me feel left behind.
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