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  1. SOLVED!!! 1200 thanks (1000 thanks + VAT) It was indeed my AVG Anti-virus being over-cautious.
  2. I have received notifications of versions 1.83 and 1.84. I've successfully downloaded these but... OS is Windows 10.
  3. Can log in, but displays "Port Detection Failed". Uploading, Downloading and points mysteriously unaffected. Recommend using the Ninja Hamster Squad.
  4. Just change the file flag to ".mp4" or ".avi" and it should play.
  5. Rank General. Score 99181 after 3 years. Unfortunately CometID has been down for a few days, so I've lost out on a potential 720 points in that time :unsure:
  6. There is a problem with the CometID server. So far I've lost 6 days, but I understand what's happening as it's happened before. Frustrating I know, but hopefully it will be resolved in the next few days. You are not alone. :)
  7. 6 days here. Then again Chinese New Year celebrations does cause some disruption.Just hang in there.
  8. Same problem here. BitcometID cut out around 0200 GMT this morning, though still downloading OK. Tried using a bigger hammer, but no joy there. Score: 99181 to date.
  9. Join the club. I finally managed to log in after 18 hours, only to find my score has DROPPED by 25 points. In the past 6 hours I regained 43 points which then dropped back by 11 points, then the server went down yet again. Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT - the return of the gremlins. :unsure:
  10. Same here. Server went offline yesterday at 1400 GMT and is still down. Tried restarting but I can't log in. DHT and WAN both green. Can download and upload OK, but get no points. Please feed the Hamster.
  11. I have not been able to sign in CometID since 23:00 April 30, 2015. I've tried installing earlier versions, but with the same results. I can download but not get any ranks or score point (up to 66305 to date). The message I get is that there is a problem at the CometID server. All of my freinds here (scattered round the country) are experiencing the same. I've attached a screenshot FYI. Many thanks..
  12. cannot connect with cometid server

  13. WHISKEY-TANGO-FOXTROT. Up until I managed to get to this forum did I realise that many of us can't log in. Didn't work this morning, then discovered there was an upgrade to 1.38 on this site. Downloaded and upgraded in a couple of minutes, but still can't access CometID. Everything else is OK. Please feed the Hamster. :rolleyes:
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